Jorge Javier reveals the kilos he has lost: "i’m better than ever"

Famous presenters Jorge Javier Vázquez

Jorge Javier has attended the Pronokal presentation in Madrid and has talked about his impressive physical transformation and how proud he feels after having started to take care of himself but really

If there is something that has not gone unnoticed, it is the spectacular physical change that Jorge Javier has experienced in recent years. The presenter of Save me remains faithful betting on Pronokal to carry out his transformation and he could not be more delighted with the results obtained based on a good diet, large doses of sport and a lot of discipline: “My purpose for this new year is to continue to receive advice from great professionals and thus preserve my figure while I enjoy taking care of myself”, he wrote in 2021 showing a before and after image, and confirming that he had lost up to 15 kilos. But now, The Reading blogger is still unstoppable and plans to reach the summer of 2022 in an enviable physical shape.”I have been following the Pronokal diet for many years, although for me it is not a diet, it is a healthy lifestyle and it is not difficult for me to follow what they tell me. Your products help me a lot. I had a lot of kilos left over, I started with them and I was very good and, now, what I want is to refine myself to be this summer like never before”, confessed Jorge Javier, very convinced that he wants to be spectacular during his vacations, but also the rest of the year.On his Instagram profile, Jorge Javier has shared a multitude of photographs in which he has boasted of his physical appearance, of which he could not be more proud.The presenter feels spectacular after having managed to lead a healthy lifestyle thanks to Pronokal and, finally, he has spoken loud and clear about the kilos he has lost in total, about the exercises he practices daily and about the eating habits that make him feel good both inside and out. PRESS PLAY and don’t miss a single detail.Jorge Javier has also wanted to address the issue of mental health and has recognized that he goes to the psychologist for his great media exposure, and more so taking into account the highly commented confessions he has been making in this last personal and professional stage, the last of them exclusively for Readings against the Flores clan. “I go to therapy every week, this job is what he has. You have to go to therapy or you end up like Machín’s maracas. But I learned that a long time ago. I think I started going when I was 30 to solve my childhood and my sexual condition and accept myself and I didn’t stop going. It is part of my vital routine”, he underlined with satisfaction.

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