Joaquín Prat’s painful health problem that prevents him from standing

Joaquin Prat has confessed live the pains that he has been dragging for a long time and that prevent you from standing for a long period of time. Like every day, the presenter has given the preview of the social club with Patricia Pardo and she has encouraged him to dance the song by Marta Riesco. “You like the song, eh. You put it on, recognize it,” the journalist punctured him between laughs. Despite the push and pull that he stars in almost daily with Marta Riesco, Joaquín has recognized that it is a very catchy song: driving, I’m under the shower, I’m changing in the dressing room and suddenly I find myself humming it, “he said with amusement. A confession from which Patricia Pardo draws her own conclusion: “In other words, Joaquín Prat sings and dances Marta Riesco’s song in his dressing room.” part can’t dance: “I have low back pain, I can’t dance… don’t make me stand up any longer”Prat implored him with a face of pain. Knowing the pain, the Galician confirmed her ailment: “It’s true, my poor thing comes here crawling.” Just a few minutes later, the presenter, already sitting on the sofa, has taken charge of his section with total normality.Mediaset Next Monday is a party in several Autonomous Communities. Before saying goodbye, Patricia has invited the spectators to accompany her but she will be alone and it is because Joaquín has reminded her that unlike her, he will enjoy the party, at least during the morning: “I won’t be on the morning show but I will be on ‘Cuatro al día’, because so I take advantage of the morning to be with my creature“He said referring to his son.

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