Joaquín Prat does not cut himself and shows his discontent with Rocío Flores again

The AR program Joaquin Prat

Joaquín Prat has praised Isa Pantoja’s attitude after speaking very clearly about the controversies surrounding his family

This Thursday, Joaquín Prat was very clear with Rocío Flores: “Since you don’t want to enter, we are going to continue speculating”, a resounding phrase in which she made her discomfort very clear after the evasiveness of Rocío Carrasco’s daughter to her questions regarding her current sentimental situation. This Friday was Isa Pantoja’s turn. As usual, the daughter of Isabel Pantoja has given her face and has responded to all the controversies that surround her family. The young woman, aware of the role she has on television, has confirmed that Kiko Rivera did congratulate her son and has also spoken of the delicate moment in which she finds her parent whom she has not seen for weeks. An open attitude that has nothing to do with that of Rocío Flores, which is why Joaquín Prat has publicly praised the gesture.Mediaset
Isa, thanks as always. What a taste…. she says everything clearly, she doesn’t hold back, always polite…. ”, the presenter said goodbye before giving way to ‘It’s already noon’. A few words that have a double reading if we take into account the last smacks that Joaquín has dedicated to Rocío Flores from ‘The AR Program’. next week. At the moment, the young woman remains oblivious to criticism and continues with her life outside of television surrounded by a huge mystery surrounding her sentimental situation. Joaquín has not been the only critical voice with Rocío Flores in recent days. He has been joined by other well-known faces such as Lydia Lozano, María Patiño, Alessandro Lequio and even Rosa Benito who reminded him of the place where I work and what that entails: “I should have been more generous with his family,” he declared.

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