Jesulín de Ubrique meets with his two daughters and his new son-in-law in Madrid

Famous parents Jesulín de Ubrique

Jesulín de Ubrique, taking advantage of one of his visits to Madrid, would have enjoyed a relaxed evening with his two daughters and son-in-law Tommy Rossi

Lately, Jesulín de Ubrique often goes to Madrid to meet different professional commitments. In addition, this city has a special meaning for him because it is in the capital where his two daughters, Julia and Andrea, live. That is why, on some of his visits to Madrid, he takes the opportunity to meet with them. As he has told in ‘It’s already noon’, in recent days Jesús Janeiro would have been in Madrid and would have met with his daughters. And not only with them. Tommy Rossi, Julia’s boyfriend, would also have been with them.Every time he travels to Madrid, Jesulín de Ubrique would stay in a downtown hotel, and it would have been there that his two daughters would have gone to spend a few hours with him. According to what they say from the program, the two sisters would have arrived at the hotel separately and once inside, everyone would have enjoyed the evening. In addition, as they point out, Tommy Rossi would have joined Jesulín, Julia and Andrea Janeiro. Something that shows that Julia’s thing with her boyfriend is very serious because at least with his father and his older sister he would have already made the official presentation.Gtres Of which there is no record that it had been there is María José Campanario. The wife of Jesulín de Ubrique would have been the great absentee of this evening of the bullfighter with her daughters Julia and Andrea and her son-in-law Tommy Rossi. She would have stayed in Cádiz where she is living the last month of her pregnancy. So Andrea Janeiro would not have seen her father’s wife at this dinner that would have taken place while Belén Esteban is still in hospital due to her tibia and fibula operation. Surely the young woman has become a support for her in these difficult times.

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