First IT Couple Businessman Jean Marc Carriol And Skincare Mogul Wife Kirsten Have Broken Up!

Sydney’s IT Couple Businessman Jean Marc Carriol and Skincare Grandee Kirsten Carriol have parted ways after two decades of their marriage. Not long ago, this break-up news surfaced and left the fans wondering and mouthing the reason behind the split. However, it is indeed surprising to witness a marriage of 20 years coming to an end.

No one saw this coming, since both the business tycoons kept their private life away from the media as much as possible. Still, we have dug up the news regarding the marriage of the first IT couple. What begot an end to their longtime marriage? 

Who is Jean Marc Carriol and Kirsten Carriol?

Jean is an Australian Businessman and is chairman of Saint Germaine Holdings. Prior to this, he was Director of the Deodorant and Cosmetics brand— Trimex. Whereas his wife Kirsten is a Skincare Magnate and owns a much-celebrated skincare brand- Lanolips. When the news of their apparent separation, netizens were shocked and started debating over the reasons. Some even dismissed this as false or fake news. 

Sadly, it is confirmed that the couple has now parted ways and is living in different places. According to insider sources, Jean is residing in Vaucluse whereas Kirsten is living in the Paddington suburb. The Grounds over splitting are not known yet as the couple has not openly addressed the issue or made any announcement. Even on social media, the two entrepreneurs have kept mum about what seems to be a personal life matter.

We will update you further if any lead comes our way regarding the matter. It would be a shame to see one of the most loved marriage duo get separated. But if it’s something that the couple has decided, we should accept it.

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How many Kids do they have?

Jean Marc carriol, Kristen

Kristen and Jean have two children together. This will be a dicey situation as a decision has to be made on who will get custody of the kids. The original IT couple has not been proactive to talk about personal problems. Also, till  now— it was not much of trouble until the news of separation came. Fans are worried over the couple’s decision and are holding on to the hope that they would get back together.

Net Worth

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Jean Marc and Kirsten– Both are successful business industrialists and have accumulated a fortune from their business ventures. Jean has been a director of Trimex cosmetics and presently is a chairman of Saint Germain Holdings. The estimated net worth of Jean is said to be around $3 Million as of the latest in 2022. We repeat, this figure is an estimate and might be a little less or more. Apart from this, they have their income coming from other various sources as well. As of now, the information regarding the property owned by the couple is not available in much detail.

In the coming days, it would be interesting to see the events unfold in front of us as the matter can not be kept hidden for a long time. There is no ash without fire, so wait for the whole matter to come forward!

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