Ivana Icardi publicly reveals, without mincing words, her height and current weight

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Ivana Icardi, in the midst of breaking up with Hugo Sierra, has opened up to all her followers about some private aspects of her life and, finally, we have discovered how tall she is and how much she weighs

Ivana Icardi’s life has changed radically since her first appearance in Survivors 2020. The fame of the young woman has been increasing during the weeks that she was in the Cayos Cochinos and, also, for starring in a love story with Hugo Sierra that, unfortunately, two years later has come to an end. Despite the fact that they granted an exclusive in Lecturas where they talked about their reconciliation, the reality is that neither has been able to continue paddling to get their courtship afloat: “I think that one of the triggers for the separation has been disagree, I said black and white and vice versa“, the young woman has confessed through Instagram, the same social network in which she has spoken without mincing words about her facet as a mother and about other secret aspects of your life, such as your height and weight.Since she embarked on ‘Survivors’, Ivana Icardi has undergone a spectacular physical transformation and that, added to Giorgia’s pregnancy, Hugo Sierra’s ex is aware that your weight has been going up and down constantly.In addition, he has also uncovered what his exact height is: “I measure 1.75 and now I weigh about 67 kilos”, Ivana Icardi has confessed before her more than 990,000 followers. The former survivor has recovered her silhouette after nine months of gestation and she considers herself a very constant person with her sports routines and the aesthetic treatments to which she undergoes to enhance her figure to the maximum.Ivana Icardi opens up about her current height and weight. Instagram @ivannaicardi In addition, he has also spoken at length about his economic income and how he makes a living, an issue that has always generated great interest among his followers: “I am studying Event Organization and Wedding Planner, every time I have I’ll get on with it for a bit. Since I appeared on television, my income comes from my image and from social networks.although it is true that in the medium I have also worked as an event hostess”, she clarified.

This is how he is leading his break with Hugo Sierra

Ivana and Hugo have not been able to overcome the great crisis in which they have been plunged for months but they will always be very close for Giorgiathe daughter they have in common. Despite everything that has happened between them, the most important thing is to look out for the good of the little girl and Mauro Icardi’s sister has confessed that she is going to do everything on her part to make it more bearable … And he is already searching for flats to move into, something that is not being easy: “Separations are not easy and when there are children involved it is much worse, they need us to be well if they see us upset, for Giorgia, at least, notices it. She is a girl who perceives. Hugo is not living here with me because he has been traveling for two weeks for work, so we are not living together. Also if it touched me, for any reason, I would not have any problem“.

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