Ivana Icardi announces the first change in her life after the breakup with Hugo Sierra

Celebrity breakups Ivana Icardi

Ivana Icardi and Hugo Sierra could not overcome their crisis and broke up their relationship after two years together and a daughter in common

“Hugo and I have decided to separate”with this firm declaration Ivan IcardiHe made public his decision to break up with the father of his daughter after not having been able to overcome the strong crisis that had dragged on for months. The reason would be none other than their continuous discussions and insurmountable differences. Aware of the commotion that has been created around the already ex-partner since they announced their final separation, Ivana Icardi reappeared this Wednesday on her Instagram profile to clarify some details and give relevant explanations. Visibly calm, the former survivor asked for respect for both while she confirmed that it was a mutually agreed decision. “You have to move forward in life”, she manifested as she announced the first of the changes that will affect her life: “I’m looking for my house and trying to give it the importance it deserves, but obviously life goes on,” he acknowledged, hinting that he has more than overcome it. Although it is an unpleasant trance for both, the Argentine has been firm in her decision, aware that there is no going back: “These are things that happen. We have decided to be happy separately and that’s how it will be. We finished well. He is traveling right now and I am focused on my things, “he said. Ivana has not specified whether her intention is to look for a house in Mallorca to be closer to Hugo or to move to Gran Canaria where his mother and little brothers live. Be that as it may, the influencer has made it very clear that they will ensure the well-being of the daughter they have in common that next August she will be her first year old. Do not miss these and all the statements of Ivana Icardi in the video!

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