Isa Pantoja stops Alessandro Lequio for his harsh comments about Isabel Pantoja

Controversies of celebrities Isa Pantoja

Isa Pantoja has reached her limit. The young woman has been overwhelmed by everything that has happened with Isabel Pantoja in the Malaga Courts and she has reprimanded Alessandro Lequio for the attitude that she has had

Today has been one of the most horrible days for the Pantoja clan. The tonadillera has reappeared this March 22 in the Malaga Courts together with his brother Agustín after being accused of a crime of insolvency punishable as a result of the irregular sale of the house in which he lived with Julián Muñoz. Isabel Pantoja, in rigorous black, has not been able to hide her sadness under her glasses and, while Kiko Rivera has limited himself to defending her marriage to Irene Rosales after the multiple rumors that have tried to end her relationship , Isa Pantoja has taken her position as a collaborator of The AR program to face one of the most critical days of her family. The young woman, visibly affected and worried about her mother, has made it clear how he is leading this whole process and has even starred in a scuffle with Alessandro Lequio. “I’m speechless, tonight I couldn’t sleep, I thought about her all the time. I thought she wasn’t going to attend, I’m impressed to see her there again, I’m sure they’ve come to her the mind many moments that we all remember.With the state of mind you have, this will hurt you even more“, have been the first statements of Isa Pantoja when seeing Isabel Pantoja sitting, again, on the defendant’s bench. Isa Pantoja has not been able to avoid holding back her tears since she is aware that this entire judicial process is going to be devastating for her mother, since as she confessed a few weeks ago, the artist suffers from depression Araf Beno’s girlfriend has opened up again on the channel before the entire audience of the program and He has reached his limit, something for which he has had no choice but to stop Alessandro Lequio. Kiko Rivera’s sister is not at all satisfied with the attitude of her partner and she has let him know, since she has had very little delicacy when dealing with this matter.Isa Pantoja manifests herself about her mother after her new visit to the Court. Telecinco “Only the threat of jail should be an encouragement for him to try to solve it in any way. But it seems that he is not up to the job”… With these words Alessandro Lequio has given his opinion on everything that is happening with Isabel Pantoja, something that has made Isa jump.”Out of respect, I know you and I have affection for you but is that you made some comments before and you are asking me some questions… I can give my opinion on many topics, but not on this because I’m having a really bad time“, Isa clarified, confirming that she has been overwhelmed by everything that has happened throughout the morning and seeing the state in which her mother has appeared in Malaga. The law student he has never refused to talk about the most thorny issues of his family life but, this time, it has been impossible for him since it is a subject that hurts him in the depths of his being.isa pantojaIsa Pantoja, very affected to see her mother in the Malaga Courts. Telecinco

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