Is Renowned Meteorologist A.J. Waterman Leaving FOX6? Know The Real Truth

For the last two-three days, the rumor has been doing the rounds that highly acclaimed Meteorologist A.J. Waterman is leaving his current position at FOX6 as a weather anchor and going somewhere else. How much truth is there in this rumor or is it just another baseless report? We will find out in this article. Keep scrolling to know about A.J. Waterman and his devotion to weather.

A.J. Waterman’s Bio

A.J. Waterman has been working at FOX6 WITI Television station since 2019, that is for the last three years. In a span of less than a decade, the weather anchor has won many accolades in his field which include- two-time nominations for Emmy Awards, received Atmospheric Sciences honor awards, a Beta chapter from Sigma Zeta honors society, and much more. 

Apart from this, the canvas of his achievements and talent is wide. Through his LinkedIn account, we got to know that back in 2007, he worked as a weather observer intern at blue hill observatory. Further, his past work experiences also include- being a forecaster intern for precision weather service and a media coordinator for other organizations.

His liking of the weather started from his early days in childhood. He disclosed how he faced extreme weather conditions including hurricanes and blizzards at the age of 4.

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Is A.J. Waterman leaving FOX6?

A.J. Waterman
source: Fox6

Coming to the meat of the matter, is A.J. Waterman leaving his position as Weather anchor at FOX6 and joining other broadcasting channel. Well, there has been no confirmation or even a slight indication from the weather forecaster himself. So, these rumors cannot be ratified as of now and remains a rumor. However, the possibility of him leaving the show is less as FOX corporation is also silent on the gossip going around in the news industry. 

A.J. Waterman is an AMS-certified meteorologist and it is less likely that FOX6 would want to lose its goldmine of meteorology. Hence, according to our calculations, these rumors are baseless and hold no substance. 

If there is any change to this, we will keep you updated!

A.J. Waterman’s Personal life

A.J. Waterman

A.J. Waterman seems to be a private person as he hardly shares his personal life. His social media posts and images are mostly dedicated to weather, nature, and mishappenings in the environment. It is as if, he breathes weather and nature. Sharing nothing but his professional life. 

While going through his social media, one can spot him with his colleagues and mentors but not any of his family members or spouse. It is fine and we should respect his privacy. But his devoted audience would love to know more about his life!


Q- Who is A.J. Waterman?

A- A.J. Waterman is an AMS certified Meteorologist working as a weather anchor at FOX6.

Q- How old is A.J. Waterman?

A- His age is not known but he might be in his 40s.

Q- Is he leaving FOX6?

A- No, he is not leaving FOX6.

Q- What is the net worth of A.J. Waterman?

A- His net worth might range between $1-$5 Million.

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