Is Dr Zoe Williams Married? She Welcomed Her First Baby With Partner Stuart Mckay

There have been a lot of speculations and tabloids doing the rounds on the Internet regarding the matter Is Dr Zoe Williams married secretly and has not announced it to the world yet? The English TV personality and Physician Dr. Zoe Williams recently welcomed her first baby son with partner Stuart McKay.

Read the whole news article to get exclusive insider details about the Daytime TV show figure, and her current relationship status with partner Stuart McKay. 

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Dr Zoe Williams is an acclaimed Physician who is well known for giving medical advice, writing health-related columns, and providing tips on leading a healthy lifestyle. She is also the founder of ‘Sportsgirls‘, an initiative that aims at inspiring teenage women to lead healthy life.

This Morning TV Personality and Medical NHS Practitioner Dr Zoe Williams was blessed with a baby boy with partner Stuart McKay. The couple welcomed their first child and named him Lisbon Lion Williams – a name which is inspired by his parent’s love story. Lisbon, as we all know, is a beautiful city in Portugal. This also happens to be the place where Stuart and Zoe first met each other. The middle name Lion- is a symbol of the couple’s relationship. Their bond resembles the qualities of a brave Lion.

During her pregnancy, a 42-year-old Physician was proactive on social media sharing her journey and expressing her joy over the little life growing inside her. Dr Zoe even announced a break from her daytime show to spend this delightful time with loved ones.

However, Dr Zoe has also shared about that time before Stuart was in her life, she wanted to conceive a baby through an artificial insemination procedure. But fate had other plans in store for her!

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Is Dr Zoe Williams Married?

Is Dr Zoe williams married

After Lisbon graced the world, there has been rumors floating around about the relationship status of Dr Zoe and Stuart McKay. Are the love birds married secretly or are committed to each other? 

Both have not confirmed or denied anything, which makes it even more, trickier to assume. Hence, as of now, there is no official confirmation or word from the couple itself. However, they started dating in 2019 and have been together for 3 years. Moreover, both have an adorable son- a symbol of their love. 

So Is Dr Zoe Williams married? No, the relationship status of Dr Zoe and Stuart can be dating and parents to their son. Nonetheless, who knows we might hear wedding bells for Dr Zoe Williams married in the near future?

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