Is BTS Jimin buying Followers On Instagram? Fans are Angry? Here’s The Truth

Is BTS Jimin Buying Followers On Instagram? Fans are Angry? Here’s The Truth

Earlier BTS members were not easily accessible and directly connected with the army through social media platforms. Though they have an official Twitter account in their company’s name Big Hit, through which they uploaded content and communicated with Fans. In Fact, they were available to Korean fans through the Weverse app that facilitated artists- fans interactions. But this platform is limited to Korean and other Asian countries only.

BTS members debuted on Instagram in December 2021 having their accounts. Within no time, each member acquired millions of followers and the series of sharing personal and promotional content started from then. BTS has a fan-following that knows no bounds. With such popularity, there is heightened scrutiny surrounding them.

Recently, a frustrated netizen imprudently accused BTS’ Jimin of buying followers on Instagram and Spotify. Apparently, he desperately explained everything through numbers.


The netizen went further to elaborate on how BTS’s Jimin’s Instagram Fan following has skyrocketed in the month of July even when the Filter-Singer is not active on the platform. The singer currently enjoys 40.1 million followers on Instagram (j.m) and approximately 2.4 million monthly Spotify listeners. 


Netizen noted that Jimin usually gained 50k followers in a day but from July, he started gaining around thrice the earlier numbers that are 150k followers in a day. The user gave the reason for how the said BTS member had the lowest daily follower gain in June despite their visit to White house and Proof come back. 


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The Netizen claimed that the K-pop idol’s Instagram followers and Spotify listeners numbers increase and decrease dramatically. All of these events made him reach the conclusion that BTS’s Jimin is buying followers. He made several comparisons as to why there is some discrepancy in Jimin’s data than the other BTS members.


But, the Armies were fast enough to call out these absurd claims! The allegations put up by this netizen are groundless and hold no substance.

The thing is simple. This accuser couldn’t digest Jimin’s increasing popularity!

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