Ion Aramendi, very moved, speaks live with his wife and reveals the name of his daughter

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Ion Aramendi’s wife has entered the program ‘Better with you’ by phone to surprise him for his birthday and the presenter has taken the opportunity to tell how they are going to call their third daughter

Ion Aramendi has lived his most special afternoon on the program ‘Better with you’. The presenter has received a surprise that he did not expect at all seeing that his wife entered the space he presents on La 1 by video call. The reason for this step in front of his wife has come because of the presenter’s birthday. From the program they have wanted to have several details with him on the occasion of his anniversary and in addition to making a compilation video with the best moments of him in front of the cameras, they have managed to get his wife to enter. An intervention marked because in addition to dedicating some nice words… They have revealed the name they have chosen for their third daughter!Ion Aramendi’s wife has made reference to that “I am pregnant for the third time. I congratulate you from here and send you lots of kisses. I love him very much and we are proud of him.”A sweet wait about which the presenter has also spoken after listening to his wife. Ion has said very happily that “I love you a lot, love. A girl comes, named Marieta. I am happy with you and the dwarfs.” A girl who comes to fill them with happiness and complete the family they have formed with her children Ion and Lucas.Ion Aramendi and his wife in ‘Better with you’. The 1 Beyond this, Ion Aramendi’s wife has also gone back to when they began their relationship. “When we started dating, we met again after many years in a bar and I saw him with his long hair, a beard, wild and I said ‘oh, my God’. According to him, the only thing he did when I approached him was put his famous ‘popcorn’ look on me and since then…”, he has said about how this story began with which the presenter of La 1 can boast of personal success together his wife, his two children, and little Marieta who is on her way.

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