Intel Launches Arctic Sound-M GPUs for Data Centers

Intel has carried out a keynote today in which we have been able to see some other new product, and among them we find the new Artic Sound-M GPUsGPUs intended for the server environment and in the cloud that will allow companies that use them for jobs like cloud gaming and media streaming.
These new accelerators will be available in two configurations with powers of 75 and 150W, where the latter will have 32 Xe cores together with 32 RayTracing units and 4 Xe multimedia engines, where we will find AV1 hardware encoding and decoding capabilities for the first time in the industry.
Geeknetic Intel Launches Arctic Sound-M GPUs for Data Center 1
In addition, will be able to encode more than 30 streams at 1080p, manage more than 40 game streams in the cloud, and will have an inference performance of up to 150 TOPS thanks to its acceleration for XMX artificial intelligence, so thatalthough it is not exactly a GPU on the same level as an NVIDIA Ampere A100, it is not intended to be that, but rather an option with the most effective cost / performance ratio possible.
Intel expects these graphics cards to be used, as we mentionedon cloud gaming services like Stadiaas well as in streaming media and virtual desktop applications, especially thanks to the support of up to 62 virtualized functions at the hardware level.

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