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Posted on April 12, 2022 During 2021 various grants have been published, some of them already charged to Next Generation funds. It is time to review what last year has left us, as well as the next novelties planned for this 2022. We can classify the type of aid that has been published in 2021 in four large blocks, which, in turn, coincide exactly with the fundamental pillars that define the financing strategy of Next Generation: Environment. Industry, Digitization and Research and Development. In terms of the Environment, various aids have emerged in terms of energy efficiency, sustainable mobility (Moves III, Moves Flotas), energy rehabilitation of buildings and renewable energy sources (such as self-consumption and storage, with renewable energy sources). Many of these grants are still open today and some of them may be extended until 2023. Another of the key levers in the Spain Can Plan is the concept of Digitization, on which some grants and they are expected to continue to be published this year and next. Examples of this are the regional aid from Adelante Digitization or the Digital Kit Program, which enables SMEs to tackle business digitization projects. As for aid within the framework of R&D&i, many programs have been published during 2021, such as Neotec, CDTI PID Research and Development Projects, Missions, or the CLM regional aid from Innova Adelante . In the field of the industrial and agro-industrial sector, we have had various aids to companies with projects aimed at industrial improvement and transformation. Some of these programs had already been published years ago, such as the regional FOCAL (Transformation, marketing or development of agricultural products), the VINATI Program for investment aid in the wine sector or the national CDTI LIC, CDTI LICA, Connected Industry 4.0 and Others have emerged for the first time, such as the Productive Industrial Investment Support Fund (FAIIP), formerly known as the Reindustrialization and Competitiveness Program. The year 2022 is considered, by all the relevant actors, as crucial in terms of the execution of the Next Generation EU funds. Since the beginning of the year, the different communications made by the Administration and the different aid management bodies point to the fact that 2022, and in particular its first semester, will be crucial in the mobilization of funds destined for companies, universities, research centers and other actors receiving these funds. The President of the Government himself, Pedro Sánchez, highlighted at the closing of the 12th edition of the Spain Investors Day (SID) economic forum held on January 13 that 150 calls for projects endowed with 17,000 million funds will be opened in the first semester Europeans. These calls will complement those that were opened in 2021 or just at the beginning of January and are still active The Ministry of Science, Innovation and Universities, through the State Research Agency, has opened the calls for the incorporation of qualified personnel and for cooperation projects Public-Private to which to submit applications during the month of February. This 2022 will be the year in which the first calls associated with the PERTE (Strategic Projects for Economic Recovery and Transformation) already approved will be published. It is worth highlighting the recent approval of the Agro-Food Perte, endowed with more than 1,000 M EUR. The approval of other highly relevant ones is also planned, such as the one for the Aerospace Industry or the one for En Español, the new economy of the language, among others that will be approved throughout the year. European regulations on this matter are extensive and complex, which is why at Globalcaja we offer you our Public Aid Technical Office, a new service with high added value with which we seek to help companies throughout the entire process. of identification, application, preparation of the file and subsequent justification of regional, national and European aid. INFORMATIONTitleScenario of aid for innovationDescriptionDuring 2021 various aids have been published, some of them already charged to the Next Generation funds. Author GLOBALCAJA

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