In the middle of “Thirty Nine” from JTBC and Netflix,

Ok, I almost forgot that «Thirty Nine» has 12 episodes and not 16 which is usual, so here is the review in the middle of the drama. The ratings have been good, although not spectacular, but it is still a breather for jTBC, although the story has not been spared from criticism due to the inaccurate handling of marital infidelity in which two characters are involved. The ratings went up to 7,546% in chapter 4, they went down in episode 5 to 5,537%, although it was due to the transmission of a debate between the candidates for the presidency of Korea. It was recovered in chapter 6 reaching 6.945%

This Post Contains SPOILERS!!

On first impressions I said I hoped it would catch me, and I’m sorry to say, it hasn’t. I find flaws in the narrative. Look, I understand that here Son Ye Jin She is the main leading actress, in fact, she is the one with the most fame within the cast and, above all, due to the current moment of her life, she is attracting a lot of attention. But why is it that what Cha Mi Jo (her character) feels, thinks and how she accepts the death of one of her best friends is more important in the narrative than what Jeon Chan Young lives, precisely, the character that we have announced that he will die And, as for the lack of clarity about infidelity, just like the Korean public criticizing the matter, I’m confused. The writer wants me to feel sorry for a woman who is dying without being able to make her love come true in a public and correct way?? Or does she want me to understand the suffering of two people who were forced to live apart and now, even without living together or sleeping together, are saying goodbye in the middle of a confrontation with his wife?? I do not understand, but in any case, infidelity is something that I do not support or justify. If they tell me that it is something that can happen in real life, even less so. Not even because of his wife’s cheating, which is also something serious. It is an issue that, in my opinion, is resolved between the two directly involved, the others will enter when the marriage is concluded, which is what I would expect to happen. As for cancer, isn’t it illogical for the doctor to talk about the diagnosis first with the affected person’s friend and not with her? And then, I can understand Cha Mi Joo taking the matter almost personally and wanting to talk to someone outside to free herself from the weight of news like this. But, when Jeon Chan Young accepts the diagnosis, he wants to look for Cha Mi Joo’s mother when she has only shown the effects she has experienced due to abandonment in some areas of her life, and they tell us that the three friends met, while the young Cha Mi Joo was looking for her mother, but after that, the topic had not come up, why bring him now? Is it the commitment of a person who wants to give another the love that she has received? The point is that the plot goes here and there, trying to show the story of the three friends but without any balance since it seems that assuming the commitment to make shine Son Ye Jin it is something difficult to comply with, without falling into ethical contradictions. At this point, even the character of Yeon Woo Jin (Kim Seon Woo), I find him very cute and wasted with his adoptive sister Kim So Won (Ahn So Hee), because they are used to tell us about the bright aspects of Cha Mi Joo, warmth, enthusiasm, understanding and much more. and my beautiful Lee Tae Hwan… barely and it appears!! The writer forgets to draw us the secondary characters to know why they are so important in the lives of the protagonists. It is difficult to become fond of a story that is narrated in this way, yes, I know that it is not the fault of the actors, I have no complaints about them, they are playing characters and they are doing it well and the director is narrating the story they give him !! «Thirty Nine» is offered as a real-life human romance about the love and life of three friends who are about to turn 40. His synopsis en: Leaning on one another through thick and thin, a trio of best friends bond as they experience life, love and loss on the verge of turning 40. Very good chemistry between the protagonists, good look at the emotions of the adopted people who still don’t understand why they continue to be so mistreated socially. In short, this production has a bittersweet taste for me. The address is from the PD Kim Sangho from “Age of Youth 2» and co-director in «Run On«. The script belongs to the writer yoo young ah author of “Encounter” 2018 and who adapted the script for the movie “Kim Ji Young Born in 1982”, in fact she has made more scripts for movies than for dramas, it must be that they are not as good as movies.

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