In the Middle of “Our Blues”, from tVN and Netflix.

«Our Blues» from tVN and Netflix reached the middle of its 20 episodes, remaining in the first place of the most popular dramas since its first week. Strangely, it barely managed to exceed the 10% rating in episode 10, reaching 11.242% from 8.81% in episode 9, which is a huge improvement!! It was said that it would arrive on Netflix Latin America in the second half of May. The narrative is gradually introduced to the characters, showing their daily lives, their reunions and their disappointments. Daily life, misunderstandings, friendship and of course love. In the first episodes, the story suffered strong criticism due to an alleged infidelity supported through the characters of Choi Han Soo and Jung Eun Hee (Cha Seung-won Y Lee Jung Eun, respectively), was mixed with the story of captain Park Jung Joon and hanyeo Lee Young Ok, as well as feuding ex-friends Bang Ho Shik and Jung In Kwon. For me the situation of infidelity was clarified and was shown as a lesson about the meaning of true friendship. For many people, friendship means getting closer to those from whom some benefit can be obtained, mainly financial, but for others it means true brotherhood and unconditional support. If you support someone only when he/she is doing well, when you can get something from him/her, you don’t know how to be a friend, according to the message I received here. So little by little the characters were mixed, with all of them you can identify at some point or several. Their attitudes, their desires, the way they relate to others. Seeing yourself reflected in someone sometimes opens your eyes. It makes you realize that your point of view is not as correct as you thought and that is not as comfortable and much less fun for many people, something that most people look for when watching a drama. Until now, the story that has impacted me the most and the performance is that of Shin Min Ah, a woman who has lived for years tormented by severe depression, the director’s and writer’s portrayal of the moments when depression “attacks” Min Seon Ah is magnificent!! «It’s like having a wet blanket around my body, despite all these lights, I can’t see any shine…» My God!! Those scenes of mere seconds where the darkness is all Min Seon Ah can see, they squeezed my heart. Then, hearing since how long has Min Seon Ah been living with this disease, I applaud the interpretation that Shin Min Ah has done so far. I applaud you standing up!! I remember of course the work of Jeon Do Yeon in “lost”. I already made a specific note for the characters of Jung Hyun and Bang Young Joo, well we already saw them with their situation solved thanks to their parents, although I do not agree that the boy has dropped out of school, that is not the best that he can do, in my opinion. Meanwhile, Jung Eun Hee’s “best friend” Go Mi Ran has already appeared. We only saw her at a party surrounded by young people, so we’ll have to see how her story unfolds when she returns to Jeju. And in these episodes we have known the history of misunderstandings and romance that cannot be between Lee Dong Seok (Lee Byung-hyun and Min Seon Ah (Shin Min Ah), who share a painful past full of abuse… Now, what will be the story between Lee Dong Seok and his mother?? I already know that we will suffer with her, XD!! And there will be romance between the captain and the hanyeo, what secrets does she keep? Although she is also a slow and thoughtful lady, she does not look like «My Liberation Notes«, is a different story since in «Our Blues» we can learn about the history of different characters and how they come together with each other. Either way I enjoy both dramas, although I can’t help but prefer the drama of Son Seok Koo. But both dramas are like a haven in the middle of other dark and violent productions that I tend to follow more often. And you, what do you think so far??

Veronica Troncoso


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