If you were born on March 6, You are a lover of the small beautiful things in life. You are attracted to everything related to beauty or art. Anything that delights any of your five senses makes you happy. You are drawn to people, situations, places, environments or art that completely delight your five senses. It may sound very mystical, but you understand it perfectly. You are a person who really enjoys the moment when something makes you feel completely good.

You are extremely sensitive, like the good Pisces you are. You usually use your charisma and your kindness to help a lot to people who need it. You are able to get very involved in the concerns of others. That sensitivity can also be a bit dangerous for you… Criticism tends to hurt your feelings easily. Throughout your life, you will have to learn little by little to transform criticism into something constructive. The only thing you ask for in your relationships is that everything you give, you get back. No more no less. For a relationship to last, you need everything to be reciprocal. And not only in love, but also in friendship. For you, a relationship is a two-person job, not just yours. Therefore, it is very difficult for you to find people who you can really call “friend”. There are very few people who are up to the task and who know how to return everything you give. You have a personality that everyone admires. That way of being so generous, so kind to everyone, makes everyone want to be like you. And yes, without intending it you are capable of being the center of attention wherever you go. Many people talk about you because they envy you. You are someone who manages to be liked without having to do much. Since you have such a good heart, it makes people come into your life. Many will do it to take advantage of your kindness, others, instead, to thank you. You will have to be careful because many people will come into your life to take advantage of your kinder side. Throughout your life you will have to deal with disappointments from people who you thought were by your side to give you the best, but in reality they were there to take the best from you. And nothing will happen. Because you are a dreamer who always sees beyond things.

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