If you were born on March 28, You are a person with incredible strength and brilliance. Without a doubt, you always let yourself be carried away by what your interior tells you, your intuition or your heart and you will never listen to what others tell you. And yes, they can criticize you a lot for going your own way and for always doing what you want, but you don’t care. In fact, all those criticisms give you strength because you are one of those who believe that the more they talk about you, be it bad or good, the better for you. Talking means you’re doing something important.

You are always focused on the goal and that is what makes you quite a successful person. With your job or with your working life you know very well what you want to achieve and you are going to fight hard for it. You don’t care how long it takes to get it, your number 1 priority is to get there. It doesn’t matter if things resist you, if there are many stones on the road, if you only find obstacles, you will continue fighting to get to where you have proposed. Although you can be quite an outgoing and rebellious person, you also really like spending time alone. In fact, your favorite hobby is spending time with yourself. You are outgoing, sociable and very friendly with your friends but at the same time you need to have your privacy and do things in your privacy. You are able to find the perfect balance between spending time alone and with the people around you. You do very well in situations where you have the power and control. You may have your insecurities and fears, but in general you are very confident and know how far you can go. When you’re in positions of power, you know how to get things done, you know how to give orders without being pedantic. For this reason, throughout your life you will fight hard to climb the ranks and become a boss or supervisor. In love, the truth is that you are an absolute fan of love affairs. Throughout your life you will live several of these in a very intense way. You like to live love your way and not waste time. You quickly jump into the pool to enjoy yourself to the fullest. This can bring you problems, because deep down it costs you a lot to commit. That is a small defect that all Aries suffer in general… You are a person with an incredible style. Not only when dressing, but also when decorating something or simply acting. You don’t follow the rules, you break with them and reinvent yourself. You were born on the same day as Lady Gaga, something has to be clear to you. You are breaking with everything pre-established to create something new, that’s how you are.

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