If you were born on March 26, you are a person with a strong personality but also with a lot of innocence. No matter how emotionally mature you are, there is always something that keeps you attached to childhood, to that which makes you feel like a child. People can even “laugh” at you for that peculiar and different humor you have, but deep down you are very proud of yourself. You can be childish in many cases, but inside the way you deal with your problems shows that you are super mature.

You don’t like to surround yourself with people who seek conflict. In fact, you run away when you see that a conflict situation is approaching your life. You have no problem getting dramatic people out of your life, who just want to argue. You are rather peaceful and like a good Aries, you are always looking for good vibes, laughter, and fun. You always check that everyone around you is having a good time all the time. When problems come into your life, you are a very smart person. You are able to stand up, sit down, analyze the situation and think about what is the best thing you could do. You don’t lose your temper easily, in this aspect you can have a lot of patience (although in others, not so much…). In complicated moments of your life when you need to make important decisions, you can disappear, hide and not show signs of life. You don’t want anyone to bother you. You can be very sociable in good times, but in bad times you prefer not to know anything about anyone. You can count the number of true friends you have on the fingers of one hand. You can meet a lot of people, that’s totally true, but not all those people are your friends. For you, a friend is someone who will be by your side all your life, a relationship that no matter how many years pass, will always be strong. And for that, you only offer your friendship to people who you know will know how to live up to it. In love you are also clear about what you want most of the time and you do not hesitate to take the initiative. You don’t mind asking your crush out or confessing your feelings to your partner. You don’t waste time or mess around with nonsense. As it really should be. In a relationship you are able to put your partner’s needs before your own and that is not good… It is okay to give love to that person, but remember that it is important that you also love yourself very much.

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