If you were born on March 21, You are a person with a lot of independence and a lot of power. It gives you pleasure to control and to know that you are the boss. You are one of the first Aries of the Zodiac and it shows. You were born to lead, to be in control, to be the boss. Your people know it and that is why you are used to letting yourself have to give yourself control and reason in everything. Many times this can bring out the worst in you, because you can become obsessed with power. Throughout your life, you will have to try to find the balance so as not to lose yourself completely.

You are a role model for many people. You know how to treat people, you know what words to use to convince anyone. You have a good way of speaking and can be very persuasive. Also, you are one of those people who always share their opinion without thinking about what others will say. You are free to say what you want so the rest does not matter to you. That outgoing and self-confident side makes you a very attractive person. You attract anyone you propose to, but you’re not a heartbreaker. You are never hurting anyone. People who have you in their life couldn’t be happier to have you around. In your relationships, you are a VERY loyal person, extremely loyal. You can be very flirtatious and playful, but when you commit you don’t mess around. You will never cheat on your partner or flirt with anyone when you are in a serious relationship. You are extremely faithful and that defines you perfectly. Anyone who is your partner will feel really lucky to be. Your little negative side is that you can become very stubborn. When they contradict you, you can’t shut up. When you argue with anyone, you will not shut up until they agree with you. You have to have the last word, YES OR YES. You have little patience for these things and you don’t let just anyone walk all over you. You are not going to stay silent or sit idly by. You are going to open your mouth even in situations where you know you should have kept quiet. Emotionally you are super intense. You need a lot of attention and affection in your relationships, but in return you are able to give your heart to that person. What you ask is to give it also in return. When you fall in love, you can feel the most. That intensity is incomparable. And not only in love, you are also that intense with your hobbies. As soon as you start to like something, you like it to the fullest. You take life very seriously and it shows.

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