If you were born on March 19, you are a persevering person. You are going to fight for your dreams and you are not going to stop until you see them come true. You are able to transform your ideas into something real, even something you can touch with your hands. When something gets in your way, you don’t stop until you get it. And best of all, you have everyone on your side to help you with that. You win everyone over with just a smile and make them go full throttle with you.

No matter how adult you are, there is always something that will keep you attached to childhood. Many people may think that you are childish, but nothing. You like to maintain that magic, that innocence, but you know perfectly well that life is not a dream, even if you like to live in it. Although you give that first impression, deep down you are a very emotionally strong person who knows how to see beyond things. You are on the cusp between Pisces and Aries, so you have a mixture of both signs. Although as a general rule, people who were born on March 19 are Pisces. You characterize yourself as a person who knows how to empathize very well and who has a clear vision of what he wants in the future. Your life right now may be in chaos, but you know what the end of all this is. You are a free soul wanting to explore the world and fall in love with each adventure. You like to dream, but your expectations are always realistic. You are a very cautious person who does not like to take risks that could put your life in danger. You are one of those people who analyzes the situation before jumping into it. Your intuition helps you a lot in this aspect because it reassures you. In love, you are a very protective person and you live each relationship as if it were the last one, the one that lasts a lifetime. You give yourself to the fullest and the problem comes when the other person does not give himself half as much as you. Throughout your life, you will suffer many disappointments for this very reason. Because you expect a lot from people and in the end you end up realizing that no one will be able to keep up with you. You are a person who works hard at work and the best of all (which can sometimes be the worst) is that you do things without expecting anything in return. And then life and karma surprise you by giving you the best. You will always fight for the goal. You are good at following routines and one of your strengths is that if you promise something, you will keep it.

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