If you were born on March 11, you are a person who is not afraid to try new things. You love to experiment, be from here to there, discover unknown places. In your mind there are a thousand ideas constantly flowing and you can’t stop, not even sometimes to sleep. You ask yourself questions about things and seek the answer to life’s most complicated questions. Without a doubt, you are a curious, flexible and very adaptable person.

You are the best shoulder your people can lean on. Seriously, your friends know that they will always have you there and you always show them with your love, kindness and trust that you will never let them down. You care a lot about the happiness of your loved ones and you are capable of leaving what you are doing to come to their “rescue”. In love, you are looking for a person who is, above all, loyal and sincere. You can’t with lies, much less when there are feelings involved. You also can’t stand superficial people who only look at the outside, at money or at the most banal things in life. You need at your side a person who is romantic, who values ​​you for your intelligence and for your heart and who likes intimacy. You have a heart too big to give it to someone who doesn’t notice you because of your pretty face. You have to control your wallet a little… Because there are times when it gets out of hand and you spend too much money on things you don’t need. You work very hard to earn money that in the end you end up wasting on nonsense. You have to learn to be a little more saver, that later when you need the money, you regret your expenses… You are quite prone to having some emotional ups and downs. You are Pisces and you are characterized by being very emotional. This roller coaster can be a bit annoying for you and the people around you. If you put a little on your part, you can get to have control of yourself, at least so that it does not affect you too much in your day to day life and in your relationships. At work, you have a keen eye for potentially good opportunities for your future. Thanks to your intuition, you know which paths to choose and which ones to discard. In this aspect, you let yourself be carried away more by what your heart tells you than by what is politically correct. You don’t mind breaking the rules or going against people, you just want to do what comes from your heart.

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