Hunter X Hunter Chapter 391 Release Date, Time, Spoiler And Preview

The longest hiatus anime series, The Hunter X Hunter Chapter 391 has made up to the headlines back again with more updates. Read to know more about this series. 

Hunter X Hunter

Hunter X Hunter chapter 391 is very much awaited by its fans. But, before stepping into the details, there is more to know about the series. This is one of the popular series, an anime series. Moreover, this has gained a mammoth audience. Also, this is strangely known to be the longest hiatus anime. Presently, this anime has topped the list of longest hiatus anime.

Furthermore, the plot of Hunter X Hunter is interesting. The story follows the life of a boy Gon. Gon was informed that he lost his parents at a very small age. Also, he lived his life so far thinking the same. But, later one day, his father’s apprentice met Gon and told him about the existence of his father. Moreover, he informs that his father is a hunter now. In order to meet his father, he upgrades himself to become a hunter. This story follows Gon and the issues he faces while trying to upgrade himself to be a hunter.

Genre: Action fiction, Adventure, Martial arts

Hunter X Hunter Chapter 391

Unfortunately, we still don’t have an answer to the release of Hunter X Hunter Chapter 391. But, all that we have are certain details about what can we expect. Isn’t it amazing to just think of the fact that all of these interesting plot and the storyline comes out from one person? Yoshihiro Togashi is the person behind this amazing series. Moreover, this series is taking a break due to very saddening circumstances. But, rather, there is so much story behind this to tell.

Hunter X Hunter Chapter 391 Release Date, Time, Spoiler And Preview

While every other series is failing to come back due to the deadly pandemic that is masking us, the case here is different. To make this series the longest hiatus, there are 102 reasons. All of them saddening us in one way or the other. So, the gist is that there is no official information about the new release. But, for sure, there is a new release. The details will be updated sooner.

Togashi And The Delayed Hunter X Hunter Chapter 391

The author of this much popular anime is suffering from chronic back pain. Moreover, this is giving him pains every day. With so much of this happening in his life, there is so much sadness in his life. Also, he has revealed his pain and the suffering that he undergoes because of the pain. With all of that pain blitzing him, he is finding it hard to return to normal life.

But, whatever be it, he has already left out a piece of information stating that he is working on it. Furthermore, he has promised that there will be a new chapter released soon. With this mind-breaking information that we have right now, all that we can do is to wait. Maybe, a few prayers to bring back Togashi to his normal life is all that we can do. But, whatsoever we say, it is casting us down to see Togashi and the series taking a break right now, isn’t it?

Where To Read Hunter X Hunter? 

Hunter X Hunter Chapter 391 and the other chapters can be read on Viz Media and MangaPlus. Also, this is such a popular series, and trying to read this using other illicit websites is illegal and because of loss to the production. So, it is always best to read them from the websites that have the right for the series.

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The Previous Chapters

To date, the latest chapter is Hunter X Hunter Chapter 390. Moreover, this was released in November 2018. After that, there have been no updates on this series. This series has for sure grabbed the attention of people, but going through a hiatus isn’t new for this. Previously there was a gap for two years after the release of a chapter in 2014.

This anime goes without an update for years but is sure to come back with a bang. With that being said, all that we are left with is the hopes for the creator to come back hale and healthy for the new update on the anime series.

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