How to mirror screen in Windows 10 and Windows 11

Duplicate screen in Windows, basic and useful

Screen mirroring is one of the most useful functions of our computersbecause it allows to present the content that we are seeing in it exactly the same on another screen, projector or device. This function is especially useful for making presentations and that other people can see the slides on another screen, or to watch videos or movies from our computer on our television among many other uses. But, although it seems like a basic and simple task, it is not always like that, since there will be various details which it will be a good idea to pay attention to when doing it. One of the most important details of the process is the resolution: when mirroring screen, both will have the same format, the same resolution and many other common features to duplicate the content between them. This is especially relevant when duplicating a screen with different formats and resolutions, and it may happen that when duplicating, on the other screen the image is displayed at a lower resolution or in a different format, distorting it or cutting off parts of it.Samsung Odyssey G9 Monitor Another thing to keep in mind when duplicating is the performance. If, for example, we duplicate the screen playing a video game, the performance when processing the graphics of the graphics card it will be the same as if we only used the main screenbut things change when generating the image, since in this case the graphics card will have to generate the same image twiceand that especially on older devices and at high resolutions can cause performance issues when mirroring the screen and even more issues when play content such as a video.

How to mirror the screen in Windows 10 step by step

To duplicate the screen on our Windows 10 computer, and also Windows 11, there is a combination of keys that will not only allow us to duplicate the screen, but also extend it and manage the video outputs in a basic way from our computer. This keyboard shortcut is the combination of the keys Windows + Pwhich is used to open the projection options menu and with which we can duplicate the screen, or alternatively we can duplicate the screen by entering the settings of our computer and going to the screen options. Steps to mirror the screen using projection menu:
Connect the device in which we want to duplicate the screen to our computer, using the correct cable and port for it.
Press the Windows and R keys on our keyboard at the same time on our keyboard, to open the projection menu of our computer.
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Click with the mouse on the screen mirroring optionthe second from the top of the menu that will have appeared on the right side of the screen.

Alternative method using the settings panel:

Connect the device in which we want to duplicate the screen, using the necessary cable and port.
We press the right click on any empty part of the desktop and click on the option screen settings.
Geeknetic How to mirror screen in Windows 10 and Windows 11 3In the screen configuration, the screens, projectors and monitors that we have connected to our computer will appear and there both numbered screens should appear. Now, to duplicate screen we will have to select home screen or the one we want to duplicate and go down to the bottom in the section of “Multiple Screens”.
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mirror the screen clicking on the section dropdown and selecting “Duplicate These Screens”. Once the duplication is complete it is common for the screens to turn off momentarily or flash for a few secondsthis happens because they take a few seconds to adapt to the new configuration and it’s normal for it to happen.

Beyond duplication

Mirroring screens as we have just seen is a perfect option to increase the functions of our computerbut not the only one, since apart from duplicating we can extend or project on different screensand on some more advanced systems with powerful graphics supporting up to 3 or 4 independent video outputs at the same time to play video games in surround mode on multiple monitors at once or more professional assemblies.
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But screen mirroring it is not usually used in those powerful computers, but in laptopssince those will be the ones that we will move to different places and that, due to their small dimensions, we will sometimes have to connect an external monitor to work with it more comfortably or connect it to a projector or large screen if we want to show other people what we are seeing on the screen. This today it is not a problemsince most computers have high-performance graphics like the graphics of the Ryzen 5000 processors in laptops, with which it is even possible to play without the need for an additional graphics cardbut it was not always like this and it is that, above all, old or very low power laptops could have problems when mirroring on high-resolution screens, and when playing content on them. End of Article. Tell us something in the Comments or come to our Forum!

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