Everyone agrees that ghosting is one of the worst things we can do in this life, but we have all done it at some point in one way or another. We all have reasons to do this kind of thing, but not everyone is capable of knowing why. If you want to know how to stop the signs from ghosting you, just keep reading to find out:


Aries is not the type of person who sits and waits forever for you to decide to take the plunge. He is a very active person who does not stop for a single second. That’s why if you don’t want him to ghost you you have to try to keep up with him at all times or at least let him see that you’re trying. Do not let him get bored and keep his mind as busy as possible so that he stays by your side. Aries hates being bored and that’s why he runs away from those kinds of places.


Taurus is very clear about what they want and what they don’t want in their relationships and one of those things is loyalty and commitment. It is for all this that you have to show interest if you do not want Taurus to disappear from your life by ghosting you. He is a very mature person, but he does not hesitate for a second to leave a place where he is not valued. He doesn’t need to explain himself to those kinds of people, so don’t become one of them.


Gemini is a free soul, he is always doing what he wants without giving too many explanations. That’s why you should let him free at all times if you don’t want him to ghost you. Gemini hates being controlled every step he takes because he doesn’t control the steps that others take. He’s a free person and he’s not willing to give up his stuff for a person who does nothing but clip his wings, so, you know, with Gemini you have to keep an open mind.


Cancer is a sensitive person who likes to connect in a special way with everyone they meet. He doesn’t like people who don’t have things clear because he knows they make him very dizzy. That’s why you have to be transparent about your intentions if you don’t want Cancer to ghost you. There is nothing better than sincerity in a relationship. Cancer is going to be honest with you from minute zero, so do the same with him.


Leo doesn’t think too much about ghosting because he knows that if a relationship is destined to fail, it’s going to do so sooner or later. Of course, when love comes into his life he gets too excited and he doesn’t waste time with nonsense. Leo goes to the point and gives everything from the beginning. That’s why you have to live up to him and show that you want to be by his side 24/7 if you don’t want him to ghost you because Leo isn’t going to waste his time.


Virgo has many conditions that must be followed before getting into a relationship. He is a very perfectionist and maniacal person, everything has to be as he says. He has many goals in life and hates being around people who have no aspirations. If you don’t want Virgo to ghost you, what you have to do is show him that you have many dreams to fulfill because if you don’t, you’re lost. Virgo is not going to waste time.


Libra hates being ghosted, but has no problem doing so if something doesn’t add up. She is a person who easily opens up to love, but she has very high expectations of him. She doesn’t like people who don’t take her seriously and she laughs at all her dreams. That’s why you have to be very generous with him if you don’t want Libra to ghost you. The only thing he wants is to have someone by his side who strives to get to know him better and who does not judge him for his goals or dreams.


Scorpio is a super passionate person and likes to experience all kinds of things in bed. He loves to share his most intimate time with people who are not afraid to step out of their comfort zone. If you don’t want Scorpio to ghost you, be ashamed and let your hair down. Show him that you are willing to experiment and do everything in bed. There is nothing that makes you lose your head more than someone like that.


Sagittarius is a person who tends to run away from commitment because he likes to be free at all times and never finds the person who respects his independence. If you don’t want Sagittarius to ghost you, be permissive and don’t control every step he takes. You have to have an open mind and fully trust his fidelity. Sagittarius is clear that he will never be with a person who wants to control all his movements because he does not give explanations to anyone.


Capricorn is not one of those people who go around ghosting, just like that. He takes all his relationships seriously and wants others to do the same. If he ghosts you, it’s because you were nobody to him, so if you don’t want him to do it to you, get your act together and show him how important he is to you. There is nothing more important to Capri than sincerity and honesty. Capri doesn’t want to ghost you, everything is in your hands.


Aquarius is a super active person, he is always from one place to another without stopping to think for a single second. He is a person who likes to have fun 24/7 without any limits. That’s why if you don’t want Aquarius to ghost you, you have to be willing to have fun wherever you are. Make Aquarius feel that his day-to-day is a real adventure so that he doesn’t lose interest in you because he will send you to fry asparagus sooner than you think.


Pisces is the most sensitive person you can find on this planet. He has a heart full of kindness willing to love with sincerity that not everyone appreciates as he should. That is why if you do not want Pisces to ghost you, you have to express what you feel from the zero minute and make your intentions clear because Pisces is not willing to suffer once again for someone who is not worth a penny. .

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