How to activate HDR in Windows 11

What does HDR offer?

Everyone has heard of HDR, but what is HDR? Do you have an explanation in our technology dictionary. This technology is gaining ground among the screens lately and with the new release of the Microsoft Windows 11 operating system, it aims to gain even more prominence. If you have already upgraded to the latest version of Windows and have an HDR compatible displaywe are going to teach you step by step how to activate it to get the best images. Summing up, the HDRby its abbreviations in English of High Dynamic Range that in Spanish we would call High Dynamic Rangeis a set of techniques that allow improve image quality on our screens thanks to a greater range of luminances between the darkest scenes or parts of the image and the lightest.

Thanks to this technology we will be able to obtain much more real for the human eye, obtaining higher quality. Thanks to HDR, it will be even more accentuated in scenes with images where there is a lot of difference between lights, such as direct sunlight or candlelight. With this it will be possible to represent much better the different shades of light that are between two objects so contrasted from light to dark or vice versa. Also with HDR we can get some much brighter picturesthe content that we see compatible with HDR will gain in brightness, light, and the colors will be much more vividalthough they are not so opposed between light and shadow.
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HDR has gained a lot of popularity among the latest generation monitors and televisions. A television with HDR without content optimized for HDR does not make sense, but the most famous streaming video platforms are incorporating more and more more supported content so that the experience of watching a series or a movie with HDR is much greater. We will find HDR-enabled content much more real than when we dispensed with it, whether forced or not. Non-HDR content commonly also called as SDR (Standard Dynamic Range). They have also gained a lot of popularity among PC monitors, with the release of Windows 11 it has become much easier to use HDR in the operating system and that it shows content compatible with High Dynamic Range, even automatically when it is possible. You can even convert SDR content to HDR.
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This is all very nice, but What I need? Effectively you will not be able to play HDR content on any TV or Monitor of desktop or laptop PC. In order to play HDR-compatible content, you need a series of requirements which we are going to tell you right away.

Requirements to use HDR in Windows 11

Although it is also possible to use it on Windows 10, in this guide we will focus on the latest version of Microsoft’s operating system, although the requirements may be similar in both. To play HDR content it is necessary meet a series of requirements both hardware and software. Regarding the hardware, you must have a HDR compatible display, be it Smart TV, PC Monitor or built-in laptop screen. Integrated laptop screens need to have a maximum brightness of at least 300 nits along with a minimum resolution of 1080p. If we have a PC Monitor or a TV, it must be compatible with HDR10 and have a connection DisplayPort 1.4, HDMI 2.0 or 2.1, USB Type-C or Thunderbolt. In any case, having HDR is a feature to highlight and surely the manufacturer, if the laptop, monitor or TV is compatible, announces it with great fanfare. Can you check specs of the device and also see if it supports HDR. Windows 11 can also tell you if your screen supports HDR, it will also tell you if it is certified by one of the companies that grant this type of certification. Let’s see how to see if your display supports HDR in Windows 11. Open start and go to setting.
Geeknetic How to activate HDR in Windows 11 4now search Screen and click to enter its options.
Geeknetic How to activate HDR in Windows 11 5look a little further down Advanced Screen to access its content.
Geeknetic How to activate HDR in Windows 11 6Here you will find information about the certification that the screen has and also if you have HDR activated or not.
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The higher the HDR numbering higher quality will offer by being able to get higher brightness in supported scenes. A) Yes DisplayHDR 400 will have a maximum 400 nits bright while DisplayHDR 1000 will offer up to 1000 nits. If your screen is compatible with HDR you will have much of the work done. In addition to the HDR compatible screen we need a graphics card that has DisplayPort 1.4 or HDMI 2.0, even with an HDMI 1.4b video output we can have HDR. I mean, the latest graphics cards will be fine, but let’s look at the older ones.
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If you have a graphics card with some time under its belt, it may support HDR. graphics cards NVIDIA 900 series and up They already have HDMI 2.0 output and are compatible. if you have one AMD Radeon graphics these are compatible from RX 400 series and newer though some RX 300 series models with HDMI 1.4b output are already supported with some limitations. Regarding the software, to play HDR content from a Smart TV we don’t need anything else, since its own system includes all the codecs necessary for this. But from a Windows 11 PC you may we can not see some content with HDR If we are missing any, the main ones are:
HEVC it is the necessary codec to be able to watch HDR content from Netflix. If it is not installed on your PC you can download it from the Microsoft Store.
VP9 It is the necessary codec to be able to watch HDR videos on YouTube.
AV1 is another widely used type of codec. It is recommended to install it if you do not have it. In addition to having these codecs installed, it is recommended Keep your graphics card drivers up to date. to the latest version. Now that we have all the requirements, let’s see How to easily activate HDR in Windows 11.

How to activate and configure HDR in Windows 11 step by step

This is the easiest of stepsif you have verified that you meet all the requirements above you can activate HDR on Windows 11Let’s see how to do it. Open start and go to setting.
Geeknetic How to activate HDR in Windows 11 9Within System open the options Screen.
Geeknetic How to activate HDR in Windows 11 10We just have to activate use HDR and it will be enabled, the screen may go black for a moment.
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But in addition to enabling we can configure some options to display HDR content in Windows 11. Let’s look at some of the options. We click on use HDR and the different available options will open. The first option we find is to select screenif we have several monitors, this is where we will select the one to which we want to apply the configuration.
Geeknetic How to activate HDR in Windows 11 12Next we will see the screen functionalitiesit is simply information about HDR compatibility and HDR Streaming video playback.
Geeknetic How to activate HDR in Windows 11 13The following option should already be activated, it is for use HDR on Windows 11.
Geeknetic How to activate HDR in Windows 11 14Further down, we find the option to get HDR content from SDR, the content that can be adapted will be displayed with HDR. We simply activate HDR automatic.
Geeknetic How to activate HDR in Windows 11 15In Battery Options We can configure to display HDR content with the battery if it is a laptop. we can even Optimize for battery life or Optimize for image quality.
Geeknetic How to activate HDR in Windows 11 16Lastly, we have a slider where we can remove or put brightness to HDR content. We just drag the bar until we find some images that are to our liking.
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It is that simple to enable and configure the options to have HDR in Windows 11.

Compatible content

HDR is already integrated into a multitude of multimedia content so that it can be used with a compatible screen (and other requirements). You can find HDR compatible content in the most common places such as YouTube, Netflix, HBO, etc.. This way you can watch your videos, series and movies with the highest quality.
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But not only videos win with this High Dynamic Range technology, it also applies to multitude of games that will be able to take advantage of this difference in luminance between shadows and a lot of light to show much more realistic scenes. There are a lot of games for PC (and also for last generation consoles) HDR compatibleyou can download them from the most common gaming platforms.
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Get the most out of your hardware to obtain the best viewing options whether it is in multimedia content such as games. If you have HDR it’s that simple have the best and most realistic image quality. End of Article. Tell us something in the Comments!

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