How do Anuar Beno and Isa Pantoja really get along? So is your relationship

Survivors 2022 Kiko Matamoros

How do Anuar Beno and Isa Pantoja get along? The brothers-in-law have always maintained a very tense relationship and Kiko Matamoros has given all the details of where they are today

Survivors 2022, now yes, a new season is about to start. There are already ten contestants who embark on the most exciting adventure of their lives and the Pantoja clan could not miss it. Anuar, brother of Asraf Beno, has become one of the most unexpected signings since years ago we lost sight of the young man but, nevertheless, this new step forward has once again put on the table the controversial relationship with Isa Pantoja. How does she get along with her sister-in-law?Just a few years ago, when Asraf Beno and Isa Pantoja were competing in Big Brother VIP 6, Anuar confessed that the tonadillera’s daughter did not give him good feelings and did not cut a hair when talking about the relationship he had. with his brother: “She’s my brother’s girlfriend, what are we going to do to her? I don’t like her as a sister-in-law, things the way they are”.Four years have passed since that moment and, to this day, Isa Pantoja and Asraf Beno could not be more in love. And they even have wedding plans in mind! But has Anuar changed his mind? What is his current relationship with Kiko Rivera’s sister? Well, as confirmed by Kiko Matamoros, Anuar and Isa do not speak to each other and their contact is null.Anuar Beno on the set of Mediaset. Telecinco Kiko Matamoros and Anuar are going to live together in the Cayos Cochinos and, although at the moment we do not know the reason why neither of them has given their arm to twist to maintain a fluid relationship (even if it’s for Asarf), Marta López Álamo’s boyfriend will try by all means to get as much information as possible. In addition, the young man will also coincide with Anabel Pantoja. The collaborator feels special weakness for Isa. Will they star in a scuffle? Everything remains to be seen! In addition, Anuar has not been the only one who has charged with the Pantoja… Asraf, during his time at ‘La Casa Fuerte’, dedicated the most devastating message to his mother-in-law and even accused her of wanting to interfere in couple things: “Shit couples and say I don’t like this one, I do… Honestly, Isabel Pantoja is neither coming nor going. I love Isa. I love Isa and I have to like her, no one else, I don’t have to say I like Omar Montes more about her. Do I have to put up with those things? I’ve never talked about it, I’m very reserved.”

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