Hospital Playlist Season 3 Cast, Crew and Release Date: Is It Getting Renewed?

K-dramas have become a global sensation now. They seem to be on everybody’s watch list. Read the full piece to know whether the Korean TV series Hospital Playlist Season 3 is going to hit the screen or not. 

Conventionally, it is very rare to find K-drama creators churning out seasons after seasons like American shows even after the grand success of a drama. Considering the ongoing demand, the makers of the chart-smashing series may take a creative decision to renew the show. This medical drama series has had a successful first season and record-breaking season 2. By popular demand, this brings us to the question— whether the show will come back with the third edition and surprise the fans. For those who are not familiar with the series, let’s know the plot first!

Hospital Playlist Storyline

The plot revolves around 5 doctors under the age bracket of 40 years who have been best of friends since their medical college days in the year 1999. One of them is Lee Ik-jun, a specialist in liver transplants- an assistant professor in general surgery. He is a single father and is raising his child on his own. His persona is cheerful and bright which makes him lovable and popular among the patients and doctors. 

Kim Jun-wan is an assistant professor specializing in Cardiothoracic surgery. His personality is like coconut, cold and hard from the outside but softy from the inside towards his friends and loved ones. He tries to be professional with his patients but this side of him surfaces nonetheless.

Ahn Jeong-won is an assistant professor of pediatric surgery. Although good at what he does, he plans to be a priest and he is pained to see the sufferings of his patients. Yang Seok-hyeong, is another empathetic character that is divorced and is caring toward female patients. Don’t worry, they have a woman in the lot! The only female doctor friend in the group is Chae Song-hwa. She is a neurosurgeon professor. She is a jack of all trades in her field- treats patients well, undertakes successful surgeries, and has a beautiful persona.

Beautifully woven- the series moves with an ease as the characters navigate their life through medicine, relationships, and music.

Hospital Playlist Season 3 Cast

Hospital playlist season 3

Before the updates on Hospital Playlist Season 3 update, let’s have a look at the cast members. The role of Lee Ik-jun is played by the theatre-experienced artist Jo-Jung-suk. Another lead role Ahn Jeong-won is acted by Yoo-Yeon-seok. Kim Jun-wan is played by Jung-Kyung-ho, Chae Song-hwa by Jeon-Mi-do, and Yang Seok-hyeong by the talented Kim-Dae-myung

Hospital Playlist Season 3

Hospital Playlist season 3

Recently, one of the cast members of the popular medical K-drama series posted the above selca wearing white and blue attire. Fans quickly assumed that this might be a hint for a possible Hospital playlist season 3. This teasing quickly gave a way to speculation about whether the third edition of the series will be coming and if yes then when.

We will get to the point, there is no official confirmation to the Hospital Playlist Season 3 as the showrunners have been giving mixed signals about the same. The director of the show said that the team will unite if there is a third season. As of now, there are no apparent plans. This statement in itself, is very mixed. 

So, there is no confirmation about the renewal. However, we do think that the show has 50-50 chances of coming back, and if it does, expect it by end of the year 2023.

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Hospital playlist season 3

Hospital Playlist is a staple comfort show for many of its viewers. As an audience, makers assume that we like cliffhangers, twists, turns, and all the sequences fast-paced with an adrenaline rush. This might not be true at all times.

At every point and then, in this fast-moving hustle world, fans need a show that flows like an old river, slow and steady reaching to submerge with the ocean. The Hospital playlist brings a smile to your face, doesn’t surprise you with shocking twists, and is easy-going.

You Know, when you open the TV, not to watch anything but solely to have a background voice with you while you finish another chore. Yes, that’s exactly, what this show might make you feel- safe and satisfied.

Where To Watch Hospital Playlist Season 3?

We would hope that Hospital Playlist Season 3 gets a renewal and comes back to entertain the fans. For now, you can watch the first two seasons on NetflixAll you need is just a subscription pack starting from as low as $9.99.

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