Hindustan Motor Ambassador Car to Return As New EV Avatar, Launch Date in India

Hindustan Motor Ambassador Car to Return As New EV Avatar, Launch Date in India

Ambassador car which got extinct like dinosaurs from the Indian streets is about to make comeback as an Electric Vehicle very soon. Do you also want to know more about this buzz created all over the social media? This is the place you should be at then. Know everything about it here in complete detail.

A brief about Ambassador:

The chemistry between India , Indian roads and Ambassador car is like that old school love which got separated. Created by Hindustan Motors, Ambassador was once the most known and loved cars of 70s and 80s. Indian streets and automobile sector was dominated highly by the Ambassador in that era.

Not only for being the “Government Vehicle” or” Sarkaari Gaadi” ,but it was always the first love of Indians. However, this love got diminished since Maruti launched its first Maruti 800 with very cheap rates.

Why did Ambassador get extinct?

Well this question may hit you, that if Ambassador dominated the industry at one time, then what is the reason that it is rarely seen today?

Well here are the reasons why Ambassador got out of market:

Not made for Rough Usage: Ambassador was one of those models which were not made for Rough Indian roads. Its small tires and low gap created huge problems.

Huge Maintenance Charge :  Ambassador needed high maintenance and care, and it created huge pressure on customers pocket.

Better Option in Market: Ambassador car never did anything to survive in the market. Even when Maruti launched an affordable and better alternative than Ambassador, Ambassador did nothing to counter it. Hindustan Motors were not able to save it’s very crucial product and thus got highly criticized later.

So these were the reasons why Ambassador car wasn’t able to survive on the Indian streets for long. Now let’s get to know about  Ambassador coming back as an electric vehicle.

Hindustan Motor Ambassador Car to Return As New EV Avatar, Launch Date in India

Ambassador car coming back as EV?

Yes, Ambassador is all set to come back into the automobile industry. Ever since being rolled out back in 2014,it is now ready for a strong comeback after 10 years.

Here are the facts about the new EV model of Ambassador:

  • Hindustan Motors have confirmed that they have started their development on the EV model of Ambassador.
  • Hindustan Motors is collaborating with a European Company to make a perfect electric vehicle for Indian customers.
  • It will be made strictly for the Indian roads and market .
  • The new EV Ambassador car will be ready by 2024 and will be released around that time only.
  • It is also expected to return in a new avatar, with being the vintage model remaining constant.

Expected Price Coming Soon…

So this was all about Ambassador coming back in it’s new avatar.To know more stay connected to 247PrimeNews .

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