Happiness Episode 10 Release Date, Spoiler, Recap and Preview


Happiness is a South Korean television drama series that is based on the action-thriller drama in which infected disease is spread all over the country. Keep reading this article to know more about Happiness Episode 10 Release Date, Spoiler, And Cast.

Happiness drama takes place during that time when infectious diseases have become common in the country. The disease is drastically spreading all over the country. In a large city, a newly constructed apartment was made. The high floors are for general sales and the lower floors are rented out. The action drama will show us the psychological battle and the discrimination of the social groups that will happen. The apartment will drastically hit when a new type of infectious disease will be spread in their society that makes the people suffer from persistent thirst.

Happiness Episode 10 Cast

Happiness Episode 10 consists of cast members who have played an immersive role to make this drama famous. The three main cast members of this series are Yoon Sae Bom, Jung Yi Hyun, and Han Tae Seok. Han Hyo-Joo has played the role of Yoon Sae-Bom. She is a special member of the police squad and has good judgment which allows her to make smart decisions. She is determined, strong-minded, and fight for injustice. With her husband Jung Yi Hyun, she moved to a new apartment to live a comfortable life but soon she faces disaster.

Park Hyung-Sik has played the role of Jung Yi-Hyun as a detective. His personality is smart and an honest boy. He is a former baseball player but after the injury, he joined the police force. Now, he is in charge of violent crimes in his department. For a year, he has held his romantic feelings for Yoon Sae-Bom. They both are graduated from the same school. Jung Yi-Hyun moved to the new apartment as a husband of Yoon Sae-Bom. After moving into the apartment he also faces cries. With the help of Yoon Sae-Bom, he started to protect others.

Happiness Episode 10 Release Date, Spoiler, And Cast

Jo Woo-Jin has played the role of Han Tae-Seok. He is the military information agent and a health service superior. He holds an important position to deal with infectious diseases and save the country from this disease. Now he has the main role to save the people and protect them from newly spread disease. In this drama, he has a fearless character who can do anything to stop this virus.

Spoiler Of Happiness Episode 10

Happiness Episode 10 gives us a slite look at what will happen next in the story. Till now we know that a deadly virus is gradually spreading throughout the city. It is started when a capsule was made which was inherited by the local peoples and it also spread in the new apartment. Yoon Sae Bom and Jung Yi Hyun who want to start a normal life are also faced with this crisis. So will the resistance will survive in this deadly virus or they will also be infected. This virus basically makes people suffer from thirst and that’s why they turned into zombies.

Now the three main protagonists of the drama will they able to protect the people. Fans are also liking this drama as they were so excited for the next plot. Not only in South Korea, but this drama has also become so popular in Germany, Spain, and many other countries. Because of this drama actors are also getting a good response from their fans. This drama is directed by well-known director Ahn Gil-ho and written by Han Sang-Woon.

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Happiness Episode 10 Release Date

Happiness Episode 10 will be going to release on 4th December 2021 around 4 pm (GMT). The series will be officially streamed on different south television series. It includes Viki, Kissasian, and DramaCool. The main distributor of the drama is TvN, iQiyi, and TVING. The dram consist of 12 episodes and each episode consists of  60 minutes duration. Every Friday and Saturday new episode is released which is good news for the fans. In your calendar save the timing and below watch Happiness Episode 10 trailer. Stay tuned with us for further details.

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