Hank Baskett Net Worth 2021, Dating, Personal Life & More


Hank Baskett Net Worth 2021 is what we are discussing in this Article. Keep Reading to find out more about Hank Baskett Net Worth 2021, His Personal Life, Dating, and More. Hank Baskett is a Former American Football Star. Furthermore, He used to be the Wide Receiver for the Minnesota Vikings, Philadelphia Eagles, and the Indianapolis Colts. He is a New Mexico native born on the 4th of September 1982. Baskett signed with the Minnesota Vikings back in 2006. He was later traded to Philadelphia Eagles in the same year. However, Hank Baskett joined the Indianapolis Colts in 2009. After which he returned to the Eagles the next year. But to everyone’s surprise, he was released from his contract and signed with the Vikings. Furthermore, His Parents were Hank Baskett Jr. He used to work for the Air Force. His mom was Judy Baskett who worked as a Financial Officer.

Now that you have an idea about Who Hank Baskett is, Keep reading to Find out More about Hank Baskett Net Worth 2021, his Personal Life, and his Family.

Hank Baskett – Personal Life

He Married his Girlfriend of 6 Months Kendra Wilkinson on the 27th of June 2009. Kendra is an American Television Personality and Model. Furthermore, She is best known for being one of Hugh Hefner’s Girlfriends. Baskett Proposed to Kendra on the top of the Space Needle, an observation tower in Seattle. They got married at the Playboy Mansion. However, The Couple got divorced in 2018 and have a son and a daughter together. Their Kids are Henry Hank Baskett IV and Alijah Mary Baskett. Now that you know about his Personal Life read about Hank Baskett Net Worth 2021 who he is Dating Now.

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Hank Baskett Personal Life, Dating & Net Worth

Hank Baskett Net Worth 2021 And Who Is He Dating?

The latest reports claim that Hank Baskett is not dating anyone. He has had at least two relationships since his Divorce. Baskett has had a fairly successful Football Career. However, His Net worth is about $3.5 Million.

Reality TV Appearances

Hank Baskett Co-starred in a Spinoff of Reality-TV show The Girls Next Door. The episode was about his now Ex-Wife Kendra Wilkinson. The show premiered on the 7th of June 2009 and had record-breaking Views. Furthermore, The show ran for 4 seasons till 2011. You can watch the episode on YouTube.

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