Han So Hee’s Mother Sued for Defaulting on a Loan

On March 2, jTBC exclusively reported that a famous celebrity’s mother is being sued on fraud charges in the amount of 85 million won ($70,489.74) on February 25. It was said that the mother borrowed 85 million won from an acquaintance from February 2018 to September 2019 with the promise to pay it back with interest, but she ultimately did not repay it. Later, YouTuber Lee Jin Ho revealed that the actress was Han So Hee and that his mother is involved in a lawsuit as explained above. According to the YouTuber, the mother had created a bank account in her daughter’s name when she was a minor and used it when her own account was not available for transactions. The mother and the plaintiff have a dispute about how much should be paid since they did not draw up a contract. The mother told the YouTuber in a statement that it is her fault and that she will work hard to return the money.

Han So Hee for “Soundtrack #1” On March 7, the agency of Han So Hee issued an official statement to address the situation, they revealed that the actress was not involved in this case and that her mother was doing this to take advantage of her daughter’s name and identity. They confirmed that her mother, named Ms. Shin, opened a bank account in the name of Han So Hee when she was a minor and used her to borrow money without the knowledge of the actress. The agency added that there have been similar incidents with her mother, in one of the cases where she falsified private documents, the case went to civil trial and the court ruled that Han So Hee I was unaware of the situation. As a result, she did not take responsibility for the situation.

Han So Hee He also does not plan to take responsibility for his mother’s debts due to the trouble she has caused and wants to stop the series of acts where people try to get money by abusing a celebrity’s name in such a way. The agency asked for people’s understanding as they are releasing a statement to prevent this from happening. Very bad time for this scandal to break out, just when Han So Hee is about to be releasedSoundtrack #1ยป and must be in the middle of production on his new drama with Park Seo Jun. Luckily, the mother’s behavior had already been made known previously, and it was even made public that whoever raised Han So Hee It was her grandmother, after her mother abandoned her. With this there are already three cases where the behavior of the parents, abuse the name of their children famous for their work. Let’s hope that something changes at the level of the laws, it is something so unfair! Credits Jazminenmedia

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