Gravity Falls Season 3: Release Date And Renewal Hinted By Creator For 2022

Cartoons had a huge role in making our childhood awesome. Everyone eagerly waits for their most awaited cartoon. By watching animated series it’s obvious we will slide down through our sweet childhood memory lane. Different categories of animations used to be aired. One among them was Gravity Falls. News is spreading about the release date of Gravity Falls Season 3. Some news is leaked about renewal hinted by the creator for 2022.

After 2 successful seasons of the mystical animated series. Gravity Fall there is news about the renewal of season 3 as hinted by Disney for 2022. Let’s dig to know more about to enquire what is officially announced.

Gravity Falls Season 3 Release Date 

15 February was the day when the last episode of Gravity Falls aired on tv. Gravity Falls was based on Mystery and some touch of comedy. The dramatical cartoon first broadcasted on June 15, 2012. And came to end by Feb 15, 2016. It was fabricated for the Disney Channel and Disney XD. The USA-based animated category was pen down by Alex Hirsch. It grabbed the appreciation and attention of a huge no of fans around the globe. News about its 3 seasons is in the media.

Gravity Falls Season 3: Release Date and Renewal Hinted by Creator for 2022

Renewal Status By The Creators

Creators have hinted at the renewal of Gravity Falls season 3 to be aired soon. Back by 2015, the creator Alex has revealed that season 2 will be the final season. The creators have revealed that Season 3 is the final installment of Gravity Falls. It is expected pretty much soon. Out of both seasons, 2 was the best. No official announcement has been out for Season 3 yet. But arrival is expected in near future.

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Gravity Falls Season 3 plot

The storyline of the cartoon is based on the journey of 2 cousins. Dipper and Mabel Pepper to the Mysterious city of Gravity Falls. They decide to enjoy their vacation in the city but had to tackle some unnatural activities. They began their investigation about the unusual fact and hidden secrets about the city. A diary caught the attention of Dipper which he found in the forest. It consists of Puzzles. The story has some touch of comedy and overall full of mystery and drama. The cousins stand with Stan The Mystery Shack and help him out to tackle the local unsolved activities.


  • Dipper Pines-One of the main character. Cousin of Mabel. Jason Ritter has voiced this character.
  • Mabel Pines- The female main character. Kristen Schaal has voiced this role.
  • Grunkle Stan- Uncle of both the cousins. He is portrayed as a selfish character. Voiced by Alex Hirsch.
  • Wendy Corduroy- She is employed at Mystery Shack. Linda Cardellini has offered her voice.

Till now no formal trailer is out for Gravity Falls season 3. The aired date is yet to announced in the nearer future. We will keep you updated about the approaching season 3 when it arrives. Season 1 and 2 are available on the Disney channel.

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