Grand Blue Chapter 78

Grand Blue Chapter 78 Release Date, Time, Raw Scan, Spoilers and Read Online

Tired of swords and fighting Manga? Had enough of Superheroes and their superficial superpowers? Want something light, cheerful, and funny. Grand Blue is the manga that should be on your bucket list. Read the full article to know every detail of the manga and most importantly, the release date of Grand blue chapter 78.


Written by Kenji Inoue and illustrated by Kimitake Yoshioka, Grand Blue is a sublime, fresh and hilarious manga series that follows the adventurous life of Iori Kitahara. He had just moved to the coastal town of Izu for his freshman year of the university, pumped up by the desire to have an exciting and fulfilling college life. The title of the manga ‘Grand Blue’ is the name of his uncle’s scuba diving shop. In no time, his life becomes a little different from what he planned. Iori gets dragged into the alcoholic activities of eccentric buff men who spend more time getting naked than diving. How Iori’s college dream life would play out?

A Quick Recap

Grand Blue chapter 78

Sakurako feverishly asked Iori out on a date after hearing that he and Chisa had broken up. Least bothered by this, Iori blatantly rejected her proposal on the pretext that he has to run the store. Sakurako just didn’t give up that easily as she offered to help him in his store and then asked him out again. Amidst all this back and forth conversation, Aina enters the scene and reminds him of their plan. This infuriates Sakurako so she and Aina get into a fight. What transpires next in the chapter is a series of interesting elements. Both girls play Rock, paper, scissors but a slightly different version. (Yakyuken). The grand blue chapter 78 will pick over from this!

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Grand Blue Chapter 78 Release Date 

Grand Blue chapter 78
Grand Blue Chapter 78

The Grand blue Chapter 78 is set to release on 5th August 2022 . As of now, 77 chapters have been published and the manga is among the top mangas of all time. It would be a delight to see Iori’s reaction when he gets to know that two girls are fighting for him! This is one of those mangas that would feel fresh even many years after.


Grand Blue Chapter 78 Spoiler 

As Chisa made crystal clear that she wouldn’t part with Iori. This will escalate the tension between Sakurako and Chisa and makes the plot juicier. Who is Iori gonna choose? Sakurako, Chisa or Aina? What is your pick? All of this will be see-through in subsequent chapters. Stay tuned!

Raw Scan of Grand Blue Chapter 78

Grand Blue chapter 78
Grand Blue Chapter 78 Raw Scan

You can get your hands on Raw scans usually 3-4 days prior to the release date. Hence, it will be available on the dates 2nd -3rd August 2022. The photos, prints, and snippets get circulated on social media.

Where to Read?

All the chapters are easily accessible on Kodansha official website. Go ahead if you want to have a good laugh!


Q. When will the Grand Blue Chapter 78 Will Release?

Ans. official Grand Blue Chapter 78 Released On Aug 5 2022

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