Game Of Thrones Season 9 Release Date, Cast, Trailer And Much More

The Game Of Thrones Season 9 updates: Is there a new season coming up? This question is still a big deal for all the GOT fans worldwide. Here are all the recent updates about the new season. 

Game Of Thrones Season 9 – Release Date

There were high rising claims that the GOT series is to reach its end with Season 8. Well, that doesn’t mean that this puts an end to the GOT franchise. Does this mean that there is a new Game Of Thrones season, The Game Of Thrones Season 9?

There is no official announcement about the release of Game of Thrones Season 9. But, reports are claiming that the production works of the series are to commence by late 2021. This being said, the odds of a new release are expected to be somewhere around 2022. Although these claims are real, we are not sure about things regarding the new release. All of these claims are more of speculations than real official statements.

Game Of Thrones – Plot

The Game Of Thrones has is a series that follows three plots simultaneously. But, to keep it more simple and short, this series follows the story of nine noble families. This is the fight for power and there are many struggles in there. The political intrigues are dark while the series is filled with sexual encounters in every episode. Moreover, the fight is for the mystical land of Westeros.

Genre: Suspense, Fantasy, Thriller, Drama, Action

What Can We Expect In Game Of Thrones Season 9? 

Since there is no official announcement about the new season’s release, we have pretty much no spoilers here. Game of Thrones is not going to go off track, which means that the political sections are to be the same. This is a fantasy drama, and that is not going to go off style. Thus, more new problems and issues can be wholeheartedly expected. But, we are still not ready to draw a line of the spoilers of the series to come.

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More Updates On Game Of Thrones Season 9

There are claims that the shooting of the series is underway. Also, the shooting happens to be taking place in the UK. The fans are all set and patiently anticipating the new season’s release. There is no more official content that is let out as of now. All that we can do as fans are to wait for the team to come up with new updates. And, we shall update the thread for you.

Game Of Thrones Season 9 – Cast

GOT has high popularity among the people. The gain and the popularity are because of the cast. All of them who star in this series are highly paid actors and they do so much to maintain the series and its aura. Sean Bean, Mark Addy, Nikolaj Coaster, Michelle Fairley, Lena Headey, Emilia Clarke, Iain Glen, Harry Llyod, Richard Madden, Sophie Turner, Alfi Allen, James Cosmo, Jerome Flinn, Charles Dance, Joe Dempsie are expected to star in the new season also. Moreover, as the plot may get twisted, there are chances that new characters may be introduced.

Game Of Thrones Season 9 Release Date, Cast, Trailer And Much More

Where To Watch Game Of Thrones

The Game of Thrones is usually screened on its official website in HBO. Fans can watch this series on HBO. Moreover, Indian fans can watch this on Hotstar. Hotstar has the digital rights for the series, and this requires a premium subscription. The perks of the subscription are that you get to watch a lot of other series for free. Moreover, the subscription gives you a 7 days free trial also. You can also enjoy the delight of this series on Hulu.

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