FSP Hydro PTM Pro 1000w Review


Main features of the FSP Hydro PTM Pro 1000w

FSP's PTM Pro range is the kind of font range we all wish we had on our computer. It does not have Leds, it does not have individual textile sheathed wiring, but it is the type of source that when we install it in the computer we can be sure that it will not leave us stranded, that is why they are offered with a 10-year guarantee on this range .

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The FSP Hydro PTM Pro 1000w , from this review, is a source model that we can only find with high powers, from 650 to 1200 watts, passing intermediate versions such as the 1000w version that has arrived at our laboratory for analysis. They are sources with a single rail design and DC-DC conversion that also go to very high levels of efficiency, complying with the 80 Plus Platinum standard, which guarantees us a minimum of 92% efficiency at 50% power use of the source. .

The DC-DC design means that the bottom 5 and 3.3 volt rails are pulled from the main 12v rail for superior levels of efficiency and line stability. FSP enhances this design with a connector assembly soldered between two solid PCBs that communicate via copper bars for superior conductivity of both power and heat. They are very elaborate power supplies that use the entire insulation chassis of the power supply as a heat sink.

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This generation uses Japanese-made electrolytic capacitors with a 450v 105C certification, which places them among the highest-end components for this type of home power system. Undoubtedly one more legacy of the experience of this brand in the industrial environment where they are suppliers for the main server manufacturers in the market, among many other variants of power products that they handle in their industrial catalogue.

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This power supply also includes an integrated controller that checks the status of the power supply in addition to protecting the components by completing the minimum security measures required by standards such as the European CE.

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This model can be found in variants of 650, 750, 850, 1000 and 1200 watts and are fully compatible with the latest Intel ATX and EPS standards as well as supporting the best and latest AMD processors. Not only are they powerful enough, but they also take great advantage of the deepest states of these processors.

Technical specifications of the FSP Hydro PTM Pro 1000w

The FSP Hydro PTM Pro 1000w that we analyze is the one with intermediate power, with 1000w of power, only surpassed by its sister with 1200w of power. It is a power supply for high-end systems with high-power graphics and processors, capable of also supporting multi-graphics systems or even as a good option for multi-processor workstations.

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It is made up of a single 12v rail that provides just over 83 amps of power . The 3.3 and 5 volt rails will also hang from this rail, both with a maximum independent power of 20A and with a combined use of both with a maximum consumption of 120w. Discounted power, of course, from the 12v rail with a maximum capacity of 1000w.

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It is a source with 80 Plus Platinum certification, only surpassed by the Titanium standard, with a minimum efficiency of 92% under an average load of 50% and connected, as is the case in Spain, to a 230v electrical network. The 5vsb service rail supports up to 3 amps of charging, for a total of 18.6 watts of maximum consumption.

Among the details of this model we can see interesting things that are important. It is a source that meets all the latest power standards in terms of efficiency, quality and safety certifications. These certifications include the ability to support the latest processors and their deepest sleep modes (C6/C7) as well as full support for the Intel ATX12V v2.4 & EPS12V v2.92 standards .

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As for the size, this 1000w model has somewhat more generous dimensions than the standard with a total of 190mm long , which will not result in a mounting problem either since it is nothing extraordinary with the standard dimensions of 150mm. wide and 86mm high. The 650 and 750 watt models are slightly shorter at 170mm long.

80 Plus Platinum efficiency and Off-Wet technology

92% efficiency, at 50% load , is what this 80 Plus Platinum certified product promises (90% at 100% loads according to the maximum power of the source) when the source is powered with 230v, as we do in Europe. This higher voltage improves the efficiency, and therefore the requirements to achieve this certification.

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Efficiency increases to a minimum of 94% in average consumption and reaches a minimum of 89% when the source is at rest. Additionally, this source supports the latest standards in energy efficiency with a loss of less than 0.1w at rest. The board-to-board, cable-free interior design improves the efficiency and internal cooling of the power supply. Top quality components have also been used, such as Japanese capacitors with 105ÂșC certification, which are a vital part for the brand to offer up to 10 years of warranty on these models.

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The better the conversion efficiency of the source, the less added consumption we will have with the use of our computer and also the more aware we will be with the proper use of energy, it will even save us, depending on our use of the computer, long-term costs. With a source of this quality we can have a certain return on investment over time.

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Another very interesting element of this source is the Off-Wet technology , hence the name Hydro of the range, which perfectly shows us the experience of the brand creating continuous power products for the most extreme applications in the harshest environments. This proprietary technology is a coating that FSP applies both internally and externally to the source and that allows Hydro models like this one to withstand very extreme environments of up to 95% relative humidity without their performance being affected.

Fully modular wiring with individual insulation

The design of the FSP Hydro PTM Pro 1000w is completely modular and each connector, in addition to being perfectly labeled, also has a different connection plug on the power supply, which makes its assembly much easier and safer. This source includes a good amount of cables and connectors with a maximum length of up to 900mm for some peripheral connectors, 650mm for connectors such as graphics cards.

The 1000w model includes a good catalog of cables and connectors with up to 8 PEG 6+2 connectors for graphics cards, 3 EPS 8-pin connectors for CPU, 14 connectors for SATA drives, five Molex connectors and even a Floppy connector.

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The higher-end 1200w model also comes standard with a 12-pin PEG connection cable , like the ones used on Nvidia's higher-end Founders graphics cards. The wiring is individually sheathed in plastic cover. It is of the flat type, which improves management and in the case of the peripheral ports, we will find flat connector configurations and 90-degree rotation to also improve their management.

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In addition to being modular, this power supply uses a second PCB soldered to the main one. In this way, the line noise generated by the connector itself added to the circuit is reduced. FSP also uses high resistance connectors and its pins are gold plated to improve conductivity.

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Selectable hybrid ventilation

FSP has equipped these sources with 135mm diameter fans with submerged hydraulic bearings that increase durability and reduce noise. In the source we will find two operating modes for the fan. The standard mode is progressive, with a maximum of 1200rpm at full load, which is adjusted in PWM depending on the load to which we have the source subjected, the maximum noise, according to the manufacturer, is around 28dBA at full load.

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The other alternative mode is the ECO mode , selectable by means of a switch on the back of the source, which allows us a hybrid mode where the fan does not start its operation until the source has exceeded a consumption of 30% , which in this case It would be a generous 300w of power consumed. With this mode we will have the source fan stopped when the equipment is at rest, reducing noise and increasing the durability of the only mechanical element inside the source.

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The fan in this 1000w model works at a minimum of 600rpm, approximately, with lower frequencies in the less powerful models, as is obvious. It maintains this frequency up to practically 80% load of the source and then scales up to 1200rpm maximum frequency. Noise levels range between 20BA and 30dBA according to the manufacturer.

Performance tests of the FSP Hydro PTM Pro 1000w

25% load

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50% load

Geeknetic FSP Hydro PTM Pro 1000w Review 20

75% load

Geeknetic FSP Hydro PTM Pro 1000w Review 21

100% load

Geeknetic FSP Hydro PTM Pro 1000w Review 22

Resistance tests (not all sources have more than one or two rails, hence the 0)

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Analysis and conclusion

This power supply unit combines top-notch performance with enviable power backed by a top-tier warranty with up to 10 years warranty on all power models in the range. Its Hydro technology, with the Off-Wet coating , makes it a bombproof power supply ready for really harsh environments, maybe harsher than you will find in any home environment. It continues to be a demonstration of the technology that this brand manages, which has given life to products from many other brands and solutions in the most extreme areas that we can imagine.

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All of this is combined with good looks, excellent noise management, a fully modular configuration with quality cabling and easy management in a single rail design rated at over 80 Amps that also meets one of the most demanding efficiency on the market. A first class product that has nothing to envy to the best models of the best brands in the sector.

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