Foreclosure Investor’s Toolkit Review: Is It Genuine?

13 is a website that collects information from thousands of various sources around the country (courthouse records, banks, mortgage records, government organizations, and so on) to provide you with ONE single location where you may locate a plethora of real estate bargains.


Don’t get me wrong: there are plenty of other places to look for this information, but it usually necessitates sifting through a slew of different sources that aren’t particularly user-friendly, and you won’t always be able to see everything in one place (for example, a bank’s list of REO properties will only show you properties owned by that bank, not ALL of the foreclosures in the area). is essentially a large shortcut to identifying many of the worthwhile offers in 

the marketplaces where you work, so you’ll know where to put the magnifying glass.


In this blog article, we’ll go over the specifics of what this site has to offer real estate investors, the variations between the many listing types it offers, and how you can utilize it to start locating deals, making bids and generating money.

Foreclosure Investor’s Official Website


Because most online listing sites aren’t meant to focus especially on these sorts of property listings, it’s easy to miss and ignore these changes if you’re not utilizing a one-stop-shop service like this. Even with the small glitches, I found on the site, it’s still a good deal.

The Site’s Operation is a site filled with possible investments… However, in order to get the most of it, you must first grasp the variations between each form of ad and how to contact the appropriate individual in order to make an offer. Pre-foreclosure, foreclosure auction, and bank owned properties REO are the three stages of the foreclosure process. When you grasp the many stages of the foreclosure process and employ innovative real estate investing tactics, each step may become highly profitable. Our home study real estate foreclosure investment course will show you how to identify foreclosures at every step, how to finance them imaginatively, and how to profit from each purchase. You’ll learn about bank foreclosures, short sales, and other topics. The best thing about these real estate investing methods is that they work everywhere in the United States.

  1. Short Sales and Pre-Foreclosures

Short sales have never been a better way of investing in pre-foreclosures. We take you to step by step through our home study real estate investment course and expose you to an innovative strategy known as a real estate short sale. Short sales allow the real estate investor to negotiate a lower interest rate with the lender. If you want to compete in today’s market, you must master this method.

  1. The Auction of Real Estate

For those that do their homework, a real estate auction or foreclosure sale may be a highly rewarding experience. There are massive investment possibilities available, with discounts of up to.50 per dollar. It’s vital to understand the stages involved in purchasing foreclosures at auction in order to have a positive experience.

  1. REO (Real Estate Owned) or Bank-Owned Properties

One of the most frequent foreclosure investing methods nowadays is bank owned homes, sometimes known as REO or real estate owned. These are residences that have gone through a foreclosure auction and have now become a bank owned property or bank foreclosure due to a lack of offers. For bank-owned properties, be sure to go through our foreclosure listings.

  1. Laws Governing Real Estate Investing

Each state’s real estate investing rules are unique and constantly changing. It’s critical to grasp the real estate rules and processes in your state before investing in real estate foreclosures. This will assist you in making judgments about buying a foreclosed house. Find out what your state’s foreclosure rules are.

  1. Course on Investing in Foreclosures on Homes

Are you ready to earn some cash? Our house foreclosure investing course teaches students how to invest in real estate foreclosures using a proven technique utilised by experienced investors. The information we give in our house foreclosure course can assist you whether you are purchasing a foreclosure for yourself or as an investment.

Foreclosure Investor’s Official Website


Preforeclosure properties are those that are still owned by the original owner. They are, however, behind on their loan payments, and if they do not make up the difference soon, the lender will foreclose on their home. As a result, if you’re interested in making an offer on a preforeclosure listing, you’ll need to contact the homeowner directly.


Because of privacy concerns and the no-call list, does not publish the homeowner’s phone number. However, once you have the foreclosure listings from, finding the owner’s contact information is rather simple.


When a lender alerts a borrower that his or her loan payments have fallen behind, preforeclosure begins. This notice also explains what will happen if payments, penalties, and interest are not made on time.


A typical timeframe is for the bank to give this notice within three months of the borrower defaulting, followed by another three months before the bank auction (roughly, 6 months total).

Positive Things About

Overall, I believe the website may provide real estate investors and bargain seekers with a lot of value, but only if they grasp the information above and know how to pursue the sorts of listings they’re looking for. 


I appreciate how the map was laid up and how it resembled popular websites like Zillow, Redfin, and It’s usually beneficial to have some pre-existing knowledge of how things should function. I also enjoyed how simple it was to focus on a certain market location and then narrow down the many sorts of listings available in that area.


This will provide a MAJOR shortcut in locating a lot of otherwise-overlooked investment possibilities to a seasoned real estate investor who recognizes the nuances of working with each transaction type… I believe it’s a great value for the money, especially considering the expense of a monthly membership.


I honestly can’t think of many reasons why someone would not pay for this sort of service if they are truly looking for these types of financial possibilities. It’s a deal for less than $30 per month (through our affiliate link).

Foreclosure Investor’s Official Website

Negative Aspects Of Foreclosure. com

I was particularly perplexed by the manner in which certain listings were labelled. For example, the fact that the “Sheriff Sale” ads were branded as “Preforeclosure” perplexed me until they clarified that Sheriff Sale listings ARE Preforeclosure listings, only at a different stage in the foreclosure process. However, the common individual who is unfamiliar with these details may be perplexed by the overlapping of multiple listing kinds.

Conclusion can provide real estate investors seeking for purchasing prospects with some useful shortcuts.


Because most free listing sites on the internet aren’t meant to focus especially on these sorts of property listings, it’s easy to miss and ignore these chances if you’re not utilising a one-stop-shop service like this. Even with the small glitches I found on the site, it’s still a good deal.


If you’re looking to acquire distressed houses, I believe there’s a strong argument to be made for subscribing to the site, especially given the cheap cost of a membership.


Foreclosure Investor’s Official Website