«Forecasting Love and Weather», First Impressions

jTBC and Netflix’s “Forecasting Love and Weather” premiered its first episodes this weekend in Korea, for Latin America it is not yet available on the platform. There will be 16 episodes of genres of Romance, drama and melodrama. The production has Park Min Young again in an “office drama” and Song Kang that already with this adds its 6th. streaming drama for Netflix. They accompany them in secondary roles Yoon Park (I’m here for him, even though I didn’t like his character very much), and Yuri. The ratings were 4.514% and 5.455% I confess that I did not approach this production with high expectations, in terms of the story and just based on the synopsis I think it is another one, but at least in the scenario that I saw, it seems to me that they made an effort This jTBC original drama is about the passionate yet unpredictable work and love lives of people who work at the Korea Meteorological Administration, the national weather forecast service. The amount of attention to detail to show how hard different government agencies work together in preparation for natural disasters was very nice to see. I was impressed by a sequence that showed that, it was great.

This Post Contains SPOILERS!!

The production shows all the work behind the people who give the weather forecast on TV shows and reports in newspapers, that is, it’s not just the last image that comes to us, like the character in Gong Hyunjin in “Jealous Incarnate.” Now, Park Min Young he took a two-year break to come back with this drama, but his character is not a challenge to what he has done lately. The only difference is that her character isn’t described as “nice” yet. Song Kang, well, it has been prescribed to us as a remedy for all ills, there were some awkward scenes for me, like when he smiles too much trying to show how sweet and cheerful he is (his character), because of his confidence and youth. But that is the responsibility of the director and the writer, not directly his, we’ll see how his interpretation progresses in the following chapters. The story shows the protagonists starting their relationship in a bad way, but at the end of the second chapter, things have changed!!

Yoon Park I said that I did not like his character and that is that he plays the role of a cheat, again and after seeing him in a magnificent character in «You Are My Spring» feels like seeing it backwards, when I would love to see it in the opposite situation. As to And onehis character is supposed to want more than he has and I don’t know if his alliance with Han Ki Joon (Yoon Park), be the means to achieve it, “what starts badly ends badly”, or at least that’s what they taught me 😀 Returning with the first episodes of “Forecasting…» I liked the development and especially the second chapter, those scenes were a natural consequence, but I hope that this special meeting will also have a logical development in the following episodes, given the age of the protagonists in the story. I wouldn’t want to see a Joseon-era tug-of-war with added biases. I hope my fears are not fulfilled, because look, there are 16 episodes and I don’t know if they will show me something more than a romance to make me stay here. For the premiere, I think it was fine. I wasn’t impressed or turned away either. I think this drama will heavily depend on its star power, romance, and potential chemistry between Song Kang Y Park Min Young, which is a big risk in today’s times, where history is something that the Korean public pays close attention to!! The writers still didn’t pay enough attention to establishing a connection between the characters and us, the viewers. I look forward to seeing if that changes in the coming weeks. “Forecasting Love and Weather”, will have in the address of the PD Cha Young Hoon who has been at the helm of very successful dramas such as «When the Camellia Blooms” Y “Are You Human Too?«. The script is a collaboration between Mrs. Kang Eun-kyungauthor of hits like «Gu Family Book«, 2013; «Dr Romantic 1 and 2″ of 2016 and 2020 and «Where Stars Land» from 2018; with the writer Sun Young who only has the script for a special drama under his belt… Now jTBC still hasn’t “raised its head” with its productions and this drama comes to occupy the schedule of the extremely controversial «snow drop» just finished, The ratings of «Forecasting Love and Weather» have been good to start and the fact that they have increased towards chapter 2, is also good news, keep it up guys!!

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