First previews of the 2nd season of ‘Undone’

Prime Video has announced that all episodes of the second season of ‘undon’ It will finally be released on April 29. Two and a half years after the premiere of the wonderful first season of this science-fiction series created by Raphael Bob-Waksberg and Kate Purdy (‘BoJack Horseman’). Animated by the Minnow Mountain studio using the rotoscoping technique that we have already seen in films such as ‘A Scanner Darkly’, its plot follows Alma, a woman who, after suffering a near-fatal accident, acquires the power to travel freely through space and time, a talent that he will use to find out the truth about his father’s death. Rosa Salazar (‘Alita: Battle Angel’), Angelique Cabral (‘Life in Pieces’) and Bob Odenkirk (‘Better Call Saul’) and Constance Marie (‘Switched at Birth’) again lead the cast of this continuation of again directed by the Dutch artist Hisko Hulsing (‘Montage of Heck’). Below are the first three previews of this second season in the form of clips, as well as a summary of what happened in its first season and already put, also an interesting “How it was done” said first season.

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