Find Out Who Played Baek Sung-woo From “Juvenile Justice”

Netflix’s highly anticipated drama officially premiered on February 25 “Juvenile Justice”, which deals with juvenile criminals and describes stories that happen when Shim Eun-seok ( Kim Hye Soo ), an elite judge who doesn’t like juvenile delinquents, is appointed to the district court’s juvenile department. veteran actors such as Kim Hye-soo, Kim Moo-yeol, Lee Sung-min and Lee Jung-eunappeared as the main characters, raising viewers’ expectations even before the official release of the drama.

Netizens who saw “ juvenile justice ” praised the actor who played Baek Sung Woo ( Lee-yeon ) due to his excellent interpretation.

Baek Sung Woo , who was put on trial, appeared in court and said, “I’m still under 14, so I don’t have to go to jail,” causing anger. This character left a strong impression on the viewers with the vicious and creepy laugh of him. Surprisingly, the boy Baek Sung Woo was played by an actress. She is Lee-yeon who was born in 1995 and has turned 28 this year.

Lee-yeon made his debut with the movie “Unknown/무명” in 2018 and gradually built his career by participating in various projects, such as MBC’s “Cinematic Drama SF8”, KBS’s drama special “The Teacher” , the movie “Take Me Home” etc

She also appeared as the sister of Jung Hae-in on the hit Netflix drama “PD« and impressed the audience with his detailed and emotional performance. Credits Kbizoom

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