Filming begins on ‘Last Wills’

Today, February 28, the filming of ‘last wishes’, the first film by Joaqun Carmona Hidalgo. Fernando Tejero, Scar Casas, Carlos Santos, Nerea Camacho, Adriana Ozores and Salvador Serrano, also a screenwriter with Helio Mira, star in this thriller that tells the story of a father who intends to recover the love of his son, whom abandoned when he was one year old.

‘last wishes’ is a story of overcoming and second chances that is produced by Biopic Films (Daniel E. Moncho and Juan M Prieto), Maskeline, a visual Foundry (Alejandro Rius) and La Charito Films (Diego Rodríguez and Ferrn Toms) that has the participation of RTVE and La7 and the institutional collaboration of the municipalities of Molina de Segura and Fuente lamo. There is also significant support from the private sector in the Region of Murcia, with the presence of brands and companies such as Auxiliar Conservera, El Pozo Alimentacin, Primafro, Estrella de Levante, Sercomosa, La Boca te la, Autobuses LAT, El Churra Hotels, Ibertiano , Garage Beat Club and Salazones Garre. The production adds the first division soccer club Real Betis Balompi as a collaborating sports entity, with which it is expected to carry out several actions when the film reaches cinemas. In the words of its director, the film “is a commitment to a cinema that we have been working on for a long time. We have a very clear approach, for which I feel proud of the project, at peace and very grateful to the team we have formed”.

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