Fans Complain About Lee Soo Hyuk’s Short Screen Time

Well, I don’t have time to read webtoons, so I don’t know everything about webtoon.tomorrow» which served as the basis for the Kdrama. In Korea many fans of Lee Soo-hyuk they are complaining about the short time their character appears on screen, even though their character in the original story is just as important as the ones they develop Kim Hee-sun Y Rowoon. The drama ” tomorrow ” faces mixed receptions, with ratings steadily declining. Many viewers are not fans of the writing. While in terms of performance, Rowoon SF9’s faces some criticism for his performance and it’s the first time it’s happened, after being praised for previous performances in » Extraordinary You ” Y ” The King’s Affection «.

Kim Hee Sun and Rowoon in “Tomorrow” While the male lead provokes mixed reactions, viewers are in love with the second male lead of “ tomorrow “, interpreted by Lee Soo-hyuk . This also leads them to be upset about the lack of screen time of Soo-hyuk despite the fact that his character is as important as Rowoon Y Kim Hee-sun in the original story. People also claim that Lee Soo-hyuk he is much better than the male lead, both in terms of visual and acting skills. Well, this is not the sole responsibility of Rowoon, very surely, due to his previous good performance, is that he was called for this drama, the time each character appears is the responsibility of the writer and the PD. On the other hand, I have spent time complaining about the inefficient work of the agency that represents Lee Soo-hyukAs good as he is and as handsome as he is, I don’t understand why they get him these projects where he doesn’t shine, his characters aren’t memorable, he barely appears on screen, and a long etcetera!! In “tomorrow«, Lee Soo Huyk transforms into Park Joong Gil, an “official” angel of death whose task is to guide spirits to the afterlife. However, he bears a grudge against the crisis management team that prevents suicidal people from dying. An antagonist who is not a villain, this character even shares a secret past with the female lead, but he seems so small that it feels more like a cameo than a leading man, they just put him on the poster to get our attention?? Credits Kbizoom

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