Fans are CANCELLING Letitia Wright for Anti Vax Remarks, Here’s The Full Report


After expressing anti-vax remarks on the set of Black Panther 2, Letitia Wright has been blasted on social media for causing controversy. The actress deleted her social media accounts in December but has now returned to work following the backlash. Although she hasn’t apologised for her remarks, the actress has apologized for her actions. Despite a lack of apology, she has been accused of spreading inflammatory ideas about vaccines and transphobia.

The controversy stems from the fact that Wright shared a video with a Christian prophet that criticized the COVID-19 vaccine. While the statement was not true, Wright responded to criticism by calling her followers “fake” and accusing her of spreading misinformation. She also deleted her social media accounts and apologized for the comments.

After Wright’s remarks went viral, fans are denying her claims about the safety of the COVID-19 vaccine. The actress’ response to the backlash is a cry-worthy emoji. While she continues to defend her views, it’s clear that her fans are losing faith in her. The actress has now split with her American PR team and has since posted the controversial video on her social media.

Meanwhile, Don Cheadle and other cast members have stood up for Wright’s anti-vax remarks. Unlike the other actors, they have not denounced or defended her. Instead, they have defended their co-star Chris Pratt when he faced the backlash over his political views. Moreover, Disney has not cut their losses due to Wright’s comments.

Fans are CANCELLING Letitia Wright for Anti Vax Remarks, Here's The Full Report

While Letitia Wright’s post does not denounce her anti-vax remarks, the video itself was largely supportive of the cause. In addition to Wright’s tweets, Don Cheadle also defended her, and he posted a longer comment on Twitter after viewing the video. She is the star of Marvel’s Black Panther.

As fans of Letitia Wright argued, there are no scientific facts supporting her views on vaccines. This is not a good sign, because many of them don’t trust her. Besides, there is no evidence to back up these claims. It is a conspiracy theory. Regardless of how Wright’s views on the topic might be, it is a conspiracy.

While the anti-vax movement has spread across the country, it has not yet reached Hollywood. This has made it more difficult for the industry to find new talent in the black market. Several other Marvel movies have been delayed or cancelled due to Letitia Wright’s controversy over the anti-vax remarks. However, the actress has not apologized and has defended her decision to attend the church despite the controversy over her sexuality. A representative for the actress has not responded to Variety’s requests for comment.

On Thursday, Letitia Wright posted a video on Twitter expressing her concerns about vaccination. The video posed questions regarding the safety of the COVID-19 vaccine and whether or not it was necessary to give children the shot. The actor deleted the tweet after sharing the video with an emoji of praying hands. The comments have triggered outrage among fans who have expressed concern that the actress’ remarks are anti-vaccination.

While fans want to Cancel Letitia Wright due to Anti-Vaxx Remarks, it seems unlikely that Marvel will fire Wright. The sequel is already on track and it will be released in November 2022. There is also speculation that her injury may be related to her recent statements about vaccinations.

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