Fangoria and José Mercé in the news of the week

In circulation Edificaciones paganas de Fangoria, the second of the trilogy of EPs that they proposed to record at the beginning of the year 2020, and with which we begin the review of the record news of the week. It is a collection of 5 songs in whose credits we find Jon Klein, Juan Sueiro, Ale Sergi de Miranda! and Santi Capote of Them. As a preview My vital bubble, which is about building “a private metaverse, a virtual world where you can develop a more interesting life.” José Mercé is already on his twentieth album with El Oripandó, a collection in which he opens up to the most intimate with the collaboration in the production tasks of Antonio Orozco. The cantaor commented: “I’ve told my life very few times. I think I’m old enough to tell it and that’s what we’re trying to do with this work”. As guests Mala Rodríguez, Tomatito, Pablo López, Dorantes, José del Tomate and Lang Lang. We chose the first preview for the playlist, Never disappears what never leaves, a song in which he has his son Curro very much in mind.” Stopping La Raíz being one of the most powerful bands on the scene to make way for Ciudad Jara is a decision at least transgressive”, commented Pablo Sánchez, alma mater of the project, with which he presents a second album, Cinema, with the memory of a family cinema that provides the title to the work as a whole. Produced by Tato James and Santos & Fluren, Cerezas y Azahar was released as the first single. Stereophonics is one of our favorite groups for their enormous ability to make brilliant songs like Forever, one of the previews of their twelfth studio album, Oochya! Singer Kelly Jones commented, “It’s a pretty emotional record. It’s very nostalgic at times.” Recorded in seven days with production by Jones along with Jim Lowe and George Drakoulias.Things are great by Band of horses finally sees the light, an album originally scheduled for release on January 21, but was delayed due to problems in the manufacture of vinyl, that there is a lot of demand and there is not enough. Frontman Ben Bridwell wrote of his frustrations and quiet outrage over changes happening in relationships, and produced or co-produced all the tracks, with collaborators like Grandaddy’s Jason Lytle, Dave Friedmann and Dave Sardy. In a cafeteria that encourages, socializes and rehouses rescued cats, the Crutch video clip was shot. In circulation these days new albums by Stromae, Dolly Parton, The new raemon with David Cordero and Marc Clos, Diplo, Mike Campbell & The Dirty Knobs and Greecey; and a reissue of Tinashe.

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