Extraordinary attorney woo episode 9

Extraordinary Attorney Woo Episode 9 English Sub Release Date, Time, Spoiler, And More

This latest K-Drama is smashing all the charts and is emerging as the top show every week! What are you waiting for? Grab a mug of popcorn and glass of drinks and binge-watch all the episodes released till now. Read the article to know the release date, time, and spoilers of Extraordinary attorney woo episode 9 English sub.


Extraordinary attorney woo episode 9

The main protagonist Young-woo is a diligent attorney who has a knack to handle the courtroom intricacies and challenges even after being a rookie in the field. She works at a top law firm ‘Hanbada’ and uses her clever observations for the best of the cases. Young-woo is a woman that is on the autism spectrum. However, this doesn’t stop her from doing her job. In the law firm, she does have a hard time as her colleagues discriminate against her for various reasons. A wonderful journey to see her grow as an Attorney where she is surrounded by stalwarts and honchos of the field.

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Extraordinary attorney woo episode 9

The beautiful leading lady Park-Eun-bin can be seen playing the role of smart attorney Young-Woo and Kang-Tae-oh is playing the role of Lee Junho. Others include Attorney Jung played by What’s wrong with secretary Kim fame Kang-Ki-Young, and Woo-Gwang-Ho by Jeon-Bae-So. The role of opposing attorney Tae-Sumi by Jin Kyeong.

Release Date and Time of Extraordinary Attorney Woo Episode 9

As of now, 8 episodes have been released of the show. The K-drama has a total of 16 episodes and two episodes are released every week on days- Wednesday and Thursday. Extraordinary Attorney woo episode 9 is set to be released on 27th July 2022 that is on Wednesday at 9 Pm KST and 3 pm GMT. The release date is not too far! 

A Quick Recap

Extraordinary attorney woo season 9

Extraordinary attorney woo episode 8 was full of twists and turns with some truth bombs that were a little hard to digest. An anonymous post is circulated exposing Hanbada law firm’s corrupt hiring practices. It is about Young-woo that she was benefitted from Nepotism by joining the firm without any rookie training. Young-woo accepts this fact in front of her colleagues. When Young-woo was moving out of her father’s house and declaring her decision of accepting the job offer by Tae-Sumi’s Tae-San, she comes to term with the biggest truth of her life. Tae-Sumi is her birth-giver!

Spoiler of Extraordinary Attorney woo episode 9

Extraordinary attorney woo episode 9

Tae-Sumi is her mother, this realization hits Young-woo so hard that she falls from the stairs. In the hospital bed, her father tells her all the unfinished history of her mother and his relationship. As we move forward, Young-woo brainstorms ideas to win the road case against Tae-Sumi. A hackberry tree comes to her rescue and acts as a weapon to one-up her mother! The story will pick from here.

Where to Watch?

Extraordinary attorney woo episode 9 and all other episodes released till now are available to watch on Netflix and Dramacool. 

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