Eva González, moved by the words and the reception of her son after the ‘Medallas de Andalucía’

Eva González has experienced one of the most special moments of her entire professional career. After getting on the catwalk at Simof, the International Flamenco Fashion Show, just a few weeks ago and dazzling like never before, Cayetano Rivera’s wife has been in charge (for the third consecutive year) of the award ceremony the Medallas de Andalucía 2022, an event of great responsibility and that has great sentimental value for her. The model has been reunited with great friends, such as Alejandro Sanz and Kiki Morente but, without a doubt, the most tender moment has starred with his son after arriving homeCayetano Rivera did not want to miss this gala for anything in the world, which was held at the Teatro de la Maestranza in Seville, precisely on the day par excellence for Andalusians. The bullfighter has given his unconditional support to his wife, but mini Cayetano has captured all eyes for the way he had to receive his mother once the award ceremony was over.Eva González has shared through social networks a series of photographs that perfectly summarize the emotion experienced on stage and has not been able to resist sharing the such a magical moment that you have experienced with your son, something that has moved you, and a lot!“I have no words to express everything I feel… Thanks to the Junta de Andalucía for having me for another year. I will continue here, as long as the Andalusians want. Being able to present this gala is a gift that I receive with honor, pride and responsibility. My family taught me to love my land and that’s what I want to pass on to my son. I think I’m on the right track when when I got home he gave me a hug and said: ‘Happy Andalusian day, mom’“, The former Miss has written along with a photograph that has left her one and a half million Instagram followers breathless. Cayetano Jr is Eva’s right eye and this hug has filled her with strength.Eva González and her son Cayetano, protagonists of the most tender scene. Instagram @evagonzalezoficial Eva melts with her son and being aware that she is inheriting her passion for Andalusia fills her with pride. The small is about to turn four and there is no day that he surprises his parents with his occurrences.

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