Eneba's Christmas offers are here!


Why do the bells ring? For Eneba's Christmas offers ! Don't wait for Santa to bring you gifts, do it yourself! Stuff your gaming socks and don't let your gaming gear get cold! The deals start this December 13th and last until the New Year!

Our winter sales are now officially live, so you can start stocking up on the best games and prepaid cards. And in case you're one of those last-minute Christmas shoppers, we're here to help! Whether you're shopping now or later, here's a cycle of deals from week 1 to 3 for you to organize your purchases your way.

Special event offers

3 weeks of offers this Christmas

This year, we have the biggest winter sales ever! We have created an epic list to satisfy all your needs with over 30 most popular games at a very low price! And, of course, we've rounded up the best deals on prepaid cards!

  • The 30 most popular video games
  • The best deals on prepaid cards
  • Discounts up to 90%

Visit our offers page and start melting our stock!

Daily Flash Deals:

They say that lightning doesn't fall in winter, but it does in Eneba! Don't blink, or you might miss out on the FLASH Deals – just kidding, they'll continue throughout the event! If you follow us on social media, you already know the story, if not… Well, every day for two to six hours every day, with a rotation window of 30 minutes, a storm of games awaits you!

  • Week 1 Daily Flash Sale for 2 continuous hours
  • Week 2 Daily Flash Sale for 6 continuous hours
  • Week 3 daily flash sale for 2 continuous hours
  • Offers that change every 30 minutes
  • Discounts with up to an additional 15%

Visit our flash offers and storm the offers!

Free shipping:

Just before Christmas, we managed to make a deal with Santa's reindeer! Our physical marketplace in Spain , France and Lithuania will offer FREE SHIPPING on physical games, PC, consoles, mobiles or any other physical product you want!

  • Free delivery for physical purchases
  • Only in Spain, France and Lithuania
  • Active from December 16 to 19 and from December 26 to 29
  • No purchase limit

Enjoy free shipping and renew your gaming equipment!

Let's share the joy of video games together among our friends and loved ones! Happy holidays from the entire Eneba team!

Discount codes:

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