Emma García suffers a mishap as soon as ‘Viva la vida’ begins: "It almost killed me!"

Viva la vida Emma Garcia

Emma García almost ends up on the floor after her impressive heels have played a trick on her

The good weather has led the ‘Viva la vida’ team to start the program from outside Mediaset. emma garcia He was in charge of the program together with Asraf, who has responded emphatically to Kiko Rivera’s latest statements. After a first preview, the presenter opened the car door for Isa Pantoja’s boyfriend to head to the set when the driver of the car has started without it.Emma García ran after the car but the impressive heels played tricks on her. “They almost killed me!”, exclaimed the Basque after a strong stumble from which she has recovered by magic. The presenter, 48, could not help but laugh at the situation and she warned viewers that it was not a joke: “How dare you leave me out there in the sun?and my alderman dying of laughter instead of helping me. They left me there and I almost fell”he complained.Emma García stumbles live in her very high Mediaset heels Showing her professionalism, Emma García has continued with the program without referring to the pain she has had to feel. Back on set, the presenter publicly acknowledged that over the years she has sprained her ankles countless times: “In my life you don’t know how many times I’ve sprained my ankles, It’s happened to me so many times that I’ve been told I have gumball ankles.“he said.”I can do very strange things but here I am. I’ve had a scare that you can’t see…”, she confessed, aware that she could have ended up on the floor. “I’m seeing my mother ‘Oh please Emma'”, she said between laughs. If there is a garment that defines Emma García is the shoes with XXL heels, his hallmark.Throughout his years of career he has worn them in all shapes and colors but they all had something in common, wearing a heel of more than 10 centimeters in order to gain height and stylize your figure even more.

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