Emily Gorelik Age, Height, Bio, Dating Life, Education, And Instagram Photos

Emily Gorelik is one of the leading cast members of the series —Real Girlfriends in Paris, inspired by Netflix’s popular Rom-Com series Emily in Paris. Read the full piece to know about Emily Gorelik Age, Career, Education, Family, and see dazzling Instagram profile. 

The brand new series is set to premiere on 5th September 2022 exclusively on BravoTV. In a seemingly small teaser of her upcoming show, she appeared as a very confident and gorgeous woman. After BravoTV dropped its first teaser of the spanking new series — the leading actresses started getting caught in the eyes of the fans. The Audience is eager to know more about one of the girlfriends- Emily. Let’s know more about her.   

Emily Gorelik Age

She was born and brought up in the US State of New Jersey. The exact birth date is not available to us. However, all sources point out to Emily Gorelik Age as ranging between 20-25 years. This is completely based on the analysis done by looking at her visuals. It might be inaccurate as well.

Real Girlfriends in Paris follows the stories of 6 American women in their 20s navigating their life in the city of love. Their adventure includes silly shenanigans, romantic encounters, career choices, and much more to explore. Don’t mistake it as candy-floss content, it contains some intense plot development too.  Paris is a poster child of this series always there, lurking behind in the lives of these independent women. Emily’s journey in Paris began when she decided to stay in France while she was enrolled in NYC. Bonjour! then, started her life in Paris. 

Gorelik is familiar with every nook and cranny of the city. She would be the first person, you would go to, if you want recommendations in Cafes, Shopping, and of course even in French men. On a side note, her French language skills are enough to get by in the city. While preparing for the show, she is working on perfecting her French too. In her early 20s, Emily is living her best life strolling in the dreamy streets of Paris—The City of Love. 


Emily Gorelik Age

She is currently pursuing Luxury Design Management Degree at a higher education level to assist her mother in her venture in Interior Design.  Their Interior designing firm offers a variety of services which include- Upholstery, window treatments, Fabrication, and various others. Having an experience of 30 years above, the firm has set some new targets. Their end goal is to expand the family business and establish itself as a leading brand in Paris in the coming years.

Quite an ambitious project! However, not everything happens with smoothness. When presented with a once-in-a-lifetime fashion internship opportunity, Emily has to make a tough call choosing between her Mother or following a path of her own.

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Dating Life In 2022

Emily Gorelik Age

Information regarding her dating life is not known yet. Even after going through her stunning Instagram feed @emilyg, there are no pictures that could point to her love interest currently. From her photos, one could spot the picturesque locations of Paris, that leave you in awe. Emily can be seen posing beautifully in front of these breathtaking places. 

Maybe in the coming years, she might get comfortable enough to share more about her personal life with people. The show has caught the interest of many people and it is not wrong to say that this underdog series has a great chance of performing well.


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