Elegant, with an attic and in English style: the impressive house of Eugenia Osborne

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Cozy and with a very ‘British’ touch, Eugenia Osborne has just redecorated her bedroom and living room in her huge house, a home full of details with character and very elegant

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Eugenia Osborne couldn’t be happier. After weeks of making decisions and moving furniture here and there, you now have your home like you’ve always dreamed of. The model He has just redecorated his impressive house and has shown the final result, and he falls in love! Through an Instagram video, he has allowed to visit the most special corners of his refuge, to which he has given a very cozy and elegant “English countryside” touch. Hit PLAY to cross the threshold of Eugenia Osborne’s big house!From the delicate wallpaper, the balanced choice of colors and furniture… It is impressive how through these elements we can instantly move to a typical house in the English countryside, which was the wish pursued by Eugenia Osborne when it came to giving her home a decorative twist.Bertín Osborne’s daughter has concentrated on two very special spaces in the house: the master bedroom and the dining room. And the perfect duality of this choice is curious as they are a metaphor, on the one hand, of her most intimate facet, and on the other, of her most social. Eugenia’s room is a very special room, warm and well lit. She is located in the attic, moving her dressing room to another place on the same floor, as she herself explains. It is a place that she invites to rest, where a brick wall and exposed brick works as an original headboard, and where your favorite accessories (bags) add a touch of color. It is the space where the ‘influencer’ finds the tranquility and calm that she so desperately needs after a busy day at work and looking after her children. Hence, he has also found a corner for his office area, very elegant and functional. The atmosphere is everything, as the very ‘British’ decoration style of the room demonstrates, which magically transports us to a country house when looking at its elegant blue cupboard, as elegant as it is functional. Because the optimization of space has also been an inalienable condition for Eugenia Osborne when it comes to redecorating her house. From there, the choice of other furniture that not only fulfills its aesthetic function, but also optimizes space thanks to its storage capacity. All a success.

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